One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


8. Zayn Malik One Shot



Listen to this while reading (may need to repeat):

“This needs to stop Zayn! I can’t keep doing this, you say you love me, that you’ll leave her but then I see online that you got a tattoo of her! Do you love me? Did you ever?” You asked Zayn over the phone. You had been having an affair with him for months and he told you he would leave Perrie for you but that still hasn’t happened. “I do love you y/n, i’ve loved you since we met but I have to stay with her for a while yet.” “Why? You said you’d leave her months ago, maybe I should have never trusted you.” “I just have to, you need to trust me. I’m going to get the plane to take you out here, it won’t look suspicious, you’re my friend.” “So i’m just you’re friend now?” “No! I love you but I mean it won’t look suspicious having my friend fly out to see me.” “Fine, but i’m only staying for a few days.” “Good, the plane leaves tomorrow. I’ll see you soon.” “Sure,” you mumbled hanging up. Why were you giving in to him again? Doing what he wanted?

You landed and got off the plane, Paul was waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel. The drive was silent and you pulled up at the hotel after 20 minutes. Finally you would get to see him, you did miss him but you needed to settle things, needed to find out the truth. As soon as Zayn saw you in the lobby he took you upstairs to your room. When you got inside he closed the door and kissed you, you really did miss his lips, him. You pulled away and looked at him. He was wearing a tank top and the tattoo was visible. It was big, covered his upper arm. “Why won’t you leave her?” “I will, just not yet.” “But when?” “I don’t know y/n.” “You promised you’d leave her months ago, that we’d be together, properly.” “I know but I need time.” “You’ve had enough time Zayn! You need to leave her by the time I go home or when I leave I won’t just be leaving the country, i’ll be leaving your life too.” “But y/n.” “No buts.” At that moment there was a knock on your door. You opened it and Perrie was standing in front of you. “Hi y/n. Niall said Zayn would be here.” “Yeah he is. Come on in.” “Zayn!” She said running into his arms. He lifted her up giving her a kiss and swirling her around. “I missed you,” she said. “I missed you too.” He kissed her again and it made you sad. He looked at her with so much love, it’s how he used to look at you. “I have to tell you something Zayn, but in private.” “Ok, we’ll go to my room. Talk later y/n, yeah?” “Yeah,” you mumbled as they walked out hand in hand.

Three hours passed before there was a knock on your door again. You quickly got off the bed and opened it. Zayn was standing in front of you. “Can I come in? We need to talk.” “Ok.” He stepped into your room. “We can’t do this anymore y/n.” “What?” “We can’t do this anymore.” “I should have known, I never should have trusted you. You don’t love me at all do you, you were never going to leave her.” “I was y/n and I do love you, more than you think but I can’t leave her, not now.” “But you can.” “I can’t.” “You should have done it earlier, but you still can, just tell her you love me.” “I can’t y/n!” “Why?!” “BECAUSE SHE’S PREGNANT!” “She’s what?” “She’s pregnant, that’s what she wanted to tell me.” “No, no she can’t be.” “But she is.” “So you’re just going to stay with her? After everything we’ve been through you’re just deserting me?” “Yes i’m staying with her. I have to y/n, she’s pregnant with my baby. I’m going to be a dad, I have to. But i’m not deserting you, we can still be friends.” “And you think that’s going to be enough for me? You think i’ll be able to stand by and watch you become a dad with someone else’s baby, wishing it was me? I can barely watch you with her now, but you’re right the baby has to come first so just go back to her, go back to your family, who you really love.” “But I love you too y/n.” “So you keep saying but I don’t see it.” “Please y/n, you have to know I have no choice.” “I know you don’t so just go Zayn, I don’t want to be hurt by you anymore.” “I never wanted this to happen.” “Maybe you should have thought about that before you made me fall for you.” “I’m so sorry.” “Just go Zayn, before you break my heart even more.” And so Zayn left, leaving you heartbroken.

Down the hall Perrie sat on the hotel bed, thinking about what she had just done, was it the right thing to do? She knew he was cheating, she’d seen the texts, noticed the chemistry so she lied, it was the only way she could keep him. She lied, she told him she was pregnant so he would stay with her and she was having doubts about what she had done. As soon as Zayn walked in looking upset she knew what had happened, he had told her and now they were over, just what Perrie wanted.

You sat in the corner of the room crying, it’s all you had done. One of Zayn’s t-shirts that was in your suitcase was in your hand. You should have known, you should have known he would never leave her but you didn’t and you were heartbroken. Nothing you could do now except cry and try to get over him, even after he had left such an impact on you. You grabbed your phone and opened up twitter, the only way you could show your emotion. You started typing: Some people are meant to fall in love but not meant to be together </3
He would see it, he would know who it was aimed at and everyone else wouldn’t have a clue, the boys didn’t know you had a boyfriend but when Niall knocked on your door 10 minutes later you told him everything and he was shocked. Shocked that he didn’t notice and shocked that Zayn was going to be a father but he didn’t quite believe it, he knew Perrie could be quite sneaky. Niall convinced you to talk to her, privately and hopefully get the truth.

It had been two days and you finally built up the courage to talk to her. You had been avoiding Zayn for days and Perrie had been acting strange too. “Perrie can we talk? Just us?” You asked her. “Yeah. What’s up?” The both of you walked to the bar in the hotel and sat down. “You’ve been acting strange for days. Is there something wrong?” “I’m guessing Zayn told you about the pregnancy?” “Yeah, he did. Congratulations,” you replied faking a smile. “I know about the two of you,” she said. You were taken aback by it and just stared at her. “What do you mean?” “I know you love each other, I know he was going to leave me, so I lied. I lied about being pregnant because I knew it was the only way he would stay with me. But I saw the look on his face when he came back from your hotel room, he was heartbroken, really upset and I saw you avoiding him for the last few days. As soon as I saw him so upset and read your tweet I realized I had done something terrible. I’m so sorry y/n.” “How could you lie about something like that?” “I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.” “That’s just terrible, how could you do something like that to him? I have to tell him.” “No! Y/n please, let me do it.” “Fine but you better tell him.” “I will.” You walked away completely in shock at what she had done and shocked that Niall was right.

A few hours later there was a knock on your door. You opened it and Zayn was standing in front of you in tears. “She lied y/n. There wasn’t a baby, she’s not pregnant.” “I know.” “How could… Wait, what?” “She told me today.” “But why would she do something like this?” “She knew we were together, she didn’t want to lose you.” “I left her y/n. We can be together now.” “No, we can’t Zayn.” “But it’s what you wanted.” “I wanted to be your first choice but you abandoned me, for her, for a family that never existed.” “But I didn’t know that.” “I know you didn’t Zayn but you left me and I can’t forgive you for that. You chose her over me after everything we had been through.” “I’m sorry y/n. You know I wanted to be with you.” “Maybe you did once but Zayn I can’t keep up with you changing your mind all the time, you should be with her. She really cares about you and I can’t deal with this anymore.” “But y/n.” “No but’s Zayn, it’s time to move on.” “I love you y/n, don’t forget that.” He weakly smiled at you before leaving the room. You once again got your phone and took to twitter, typing: Sometimes you just have to forget about that person you once loved and move on

That’s exactly what you did, you may not have wanted to at the start and neither did Zayn but you both moved on. He stayed with Perrie and no matter how hard it was for you to see them together, he was happy and that’s all you wanted. You started dating Niall and were the happiest you had ever been, it was perfect and it wasn’t complicated, no other girl, no turning tables.

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