One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


31. Payzer One Shot



I heard this song and the idea just came to me cause I loved Payzer. This is not what actually happened between them, just fiction.
Listen to this when reading:

Danielle sat and looked at the pictures on twitter. Liam was partying again, he was changing, becoming a different person. He had started to fade from her life even though they lived together. Liam was changing and not for the better, Danielle still loved him but she had opened her eyes and realised he was fading. She was always busy and so was he, they never had much time together anymore and things were different which is why she had to do it.

"There is no point in going on anymore Liam. We never see each other anymore and you’re changing. You’re not the person I fell in love with, you’re fading and I don’t know if I like it. We’re done," Danielle said. "What do you mean I’m changing? I’m the same guy I was all those years ago. Don’t do this Dani," Liam replied. "You’re not the same person though Liam. You’re partying and drinking and things just aren’t the same anymore," she told him. "Please Danielle. I love you," Liam pleaded. "You don’t though Liam. You say it but you don’t mean it. I will be gone by the morning," Danielle mumbled walking to the guest bedroom.

She hadn’t seen him for almost two months when he called her. He was crying, he was drunk but he meant everything he said. “I love you Danielle,” he slurred. “I always have babe. Since you left I’ve been miserable. I have changed, you were right and I’m sorry. I was so stupid to let you go,” he sobbed. “Liam please don’t do this,” she mumbled. “No Danielle you need to know this. I need you in my life to keep me sane, to love me. I miss you,” Liam slurred. “I miss you too Liam but I can’t act on it,” Danielle replied. “But you can. Come over to my place so we can talk,” Liam said. “It’s 3am Liam, I’ll come see you in the morning,” Danielle said before hanging up.

That was the getting back together. As soon as he called she went running back. At first it was good, they were happy, they got a dog together and were happier than ever but Liam was partying, he was gone a lot and so was Danielle. They had dealt with it before but she couldn’t deal with it again. The thought of being away from him most of the time was upsetting. Danielle’s eyes had been opened, Liam was fading again, he was a different person and she couldn’t stay. She was going to leave for good and she wouldn’t come back, not this time. She wanted a relationship, she thought Liam was the one she wanted to have a family with but he was fading and she had to leave, again…

She met with him and she was going to break it off but he had the same idea. He knew things weren’t good, they hardly saw each other and it just wasn’t good. “I don’t want to do this anymore Danielle. It’s too hard, things will never be the same with us. I love you though and I want us to stay friends because you’ve been with me through so much but I just want to be on my own,” Liam said. “I was going to say the same. I don’t want this anymore. We’re not the same as we used to be Liam. But I want to be your friend,” Danielle replied. “I’d like that,” Liam replied hugging her.

Three months later when Danielle saw the pictures on the magazines she realised what she had done. She had let the best person in her life go, she would never get him back now. Liam had said he wanted to be on his own but she knew that wasn’t true now because he had a new girlfriend after just three months. He was with someone else. Danielle still loved Liam but now she knew he didn’t love her. She should have known that it wouldn’t take him long to get someone else, he was in the biggest boy band in the world, it couldn’t be that hard. She just had to accept it though, he had faded and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t do anything about it, she was crying inside but she had to act like it didn’t bother her that she had been replaced. Danielle had tried to make an effort, she tried to make it work the second time but it didn’t and now she had to realise that Liam loved Sophia, not her. She just wished he wouldn’t forget about her because she certainly wouldn’t forget about him.

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