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33. Niall Horan One Shot


I know Christmas was like two weeks ago but this idea just came to me and I had to write it. The names are irish names too btw :)



"Mummy, Daddy! Wake up!" Little Clodagh said as she stood at the side of the bed.

Clodagh is Niall and y/n’s five year old daughter. She had brown hair and Niall’s blue eyes. She loved living in Mullingar and so did Niall. He always wanted to settle down and raise his family in his home town.

Niall moved about in the bed. He looked at the clock beside him. 4:30am.
“It’s too early Clodagh. Get in bed beside me and mummy.” Niall said and pulled the sheets off himself.
He lifted the little girl up and lay her down in between him and y/n. They lay asleep for a while.
“Daddy. Daddy wake up.” Clodagh whispered.
“What is it hunny?” Niall asked.
“I can hear Santa on the roof.” She whispered.
“You better sleep then. You don’t want him to leave and not give you presents.” Niall said making the little girl go straight to sleep.

"Can I wake up yet daddy?" Clodagh whispered an hour later.
Niall checked the clock and sighed. She was only going to keep going on.
“Alright. Wake up mummy while I go to the toilet.” Niall said.
“Mummy! Mummy wake up! Santa came!” The little girl said excitedly.
Niall got out of the bed and smiled as he walked to the bathroom. He loved his girls, more than anything.

Y/n sat on the couch watching her daughter open her presents and put her hands on her stomach. She was due any day now, another addition to the family and she couldn’t wait.
“I love Santa! He brought me almost everything I wanted!” Clodagh exclaimed.
“Almost everything?” Y/n asked.
“I asked for something else when we went to visit him but I never got it.” She said sadly.
“What was it sweetie?” Niall asked.
“It’s a secret. I only old Santa.” She said.
Y/n put her hands on her stomach again as she felt a pain.
“Ahh.” Y/n winced.
“Are you ok babe?” Niall asked.
“Yeah. Just the baby kicking.” She replied.

Hours later y/n felt the same pain that she felt earlier.
“Niall I don’t think this is kicking.” As soon as y/n said this there was a pool of water beneath her.
“My water just broke!” She shouted.
“Oh my god! Come on, let’s get you to the hospital! Where is the bag?” Niall asked.
“It’s sitting beside our bedroom door.” Y/n replied.
“Clodagh, run to mummy and daddy’s room and get the bag. We have to go to the hospital.” Niall shouted.
The little girl came out from the living room and ran up the stairs. She appeared minutes later with the bag. Niall helped y/n out to the car and strapped Clodagh into her car seat.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Horan, it’s a boy." The doctor said.
The baby was wrapped up and handed to y/n.
“He’s beautiful. I’m so proud of you babe.” Niall said, kissing y/n’s forehead.
“Yeah he is.” Y/n replied.
The baby was taken away to e cleaned up.
“What is he going to be called?” The doctor asked.
“Aedan, Aedan Horan.” Niall said.

Clodagh sat in the chair holding her little brother.
“He’s so small.” She said.
“You were that small once too.” Y/n said.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes. Smaller even.” Niall said.
“Santa got me everything I wanted for Christmas.” Clodagh said.
“I thought he got you almost everything.” Niall said.
“That was before but I asked for a baby brother or sister and I got it. Santa really is amazing.” She said and smiled, overly happy that her Christmas list had been completed.

He was your Christmas miracle, a Christmas baby and neither of you would ever forget that he had been asked for. Baby Aedan’s sister wanted him here for Christmas and he was. Santa might not be real but a little girls wishes could still come true.

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