One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


16. Niall Horan One Shot


I'm thinking of starting to write Josh Devine one shots!! I want your opinions on whether I should or not!!:)

Listen to this while reading:


Niall sat on his couch replaying the answering machine message. “Hi, you’ve reached Niall,” his voice said. “And y/n. We’re either out or avoiding your call,” your voice rang throughout the room. “She’s only joking but leave a message or whatever.” “We’ll try to get back to you.” The message cut off and he pressed replay again. It was the only way he could hear your voice, you’d left, saying you couldn’t deal with the distance anymore, it was too much for you.

You sat on your bed in your mum’s house in tears. You never wanted to leave him, you loved Niall so much but you couldn’t deal with it anymore. You had Adele playing from your speaker and were rolled up in a ball, silently crying. It had been months and you couldn’t get over the fact that it was over, that you had left him. If only he knew how you were feeling…

Niall stood in the recording studio, listening to Harry’s demo of Don’t Let Me Go, they were trying to decide wether to put it on the album or not. The lyrics got to him, more than they should have, after all it had been months since you left him. “Excuse me,” he said walking out of the room. Niall walked outside, luckily there was no one outside. He screamed and he cried, he needed to let it all out. He missed you, everything reminded him of you, all the songs on the radio, everything in his house. He was sick of all the songs on the radio but he couldn’t turn it off, he was done with wishing you were there. He was heartbroken but he needed to move on, he new it because he thought you had. But you hadn’t either…

Memories filled your mind as you looked through your clothes for something to wear. You pulled something out and realized it was Niall’s Ireland jersey with his name and number 9 on the back. You held it close to you, taking in the smell. You laughed with tears in your eyes as you remembered the day he came home with it.

"What do you think princess?" He asked you as he held up the jersey. You looked up from your book and smiled at him. "I love it." You got up from your place on the couch. "Maybe you could get me a matching one too." "But your name isn’t Horan." "But it’s going to be one day isn’t it? Or are we just going to be together for the rest of our lives and never get married?" "Of course we’re gonna get married some day. I’ll get you one too princess," he smiled pressing a kiss to your forehead.

He did get you a matching one but you always wore his, when he was on tour it’s what you wore to remind you of him.

You sat staring at your pictures of you and Niall. All of them spread out on your floor, you couldn’t help looking at them, if you had been with him it would have been your anniversary, July 15th. When you woke up that morning you expected there to be a text from Niall, instinct caused you to type out a text, ‘Happy anniversary Niall. I love you <3 xxx’ You sat and stared at it before realizing you weren’t with him anymore and that’s when you burst into tears, returning to your bed.

Niall stepped into his house that night and saw the calendar hung on the kitchen wall, todays date was circled and he stared at it. ‘Anniversary’ was all it said beside it. He felt his eyes fill up with tears and ripped the calendar down from the wall. He turned on the radio and another stupid love song came on. He screamed and turned the radio off, for the first time and threw it to the floor, smashing it to pieces.

You finally left your room and decided to go out, you had put on Niall’s Ireland jersey under a hoody. The front could be seen but not the back, it had been weeks since you were outside and as you walked to Starbucks your and Niall’s song came on shuffle, I Wouldn’t Mind by He Is We. You almost skipped it but you couldn’t, you hadn’t heard it in so long. You walked on when you suddenly bumped into someone. You pulled your headphones out. “I’m sorry,” you said looking up at the person. “Y/n?” He asked. “N-niall?!” “Hey.” It was the first time you had seen him since you walked out, you had gotten your best friend to go collect your things because you couldn’t face it. “What are you listening to?” He asked, motioning to your headphones. “Just a shuffle.” “Can I have a listen?” You nodded and handed him one of the earbuds. He smiled upon hearing the song. “You’re actually listening to this?” He asked. “Of course I am, it came on shuffle but I couldn’t skip it Niall.” “I wouldn’t be able to either.” “Look, i’ve gotta go. I’m heading to Starbucks. I’l see you around.” “Y/n, can I take you for a coffee? I just, I want an explanation. I deserve that at least.” “Alright, come on.” He smiled at you before walking beside you all the way to Starbucks.

"This is the first day i’ve been out in weeks. I couldn’t face it, I was so upset." "But you’re the one who left me. Why were you so upset?" "Because I love you Niall, I just couldn’t deal with the distance anymore and the fans, it was just too much." "You could have told me and I would have pushed management to let you come on tour with us." "I appreciate it Niall but it just all became too much." "It’s affected me too y/n. I’ve been listening to our answering machine message for weeks just so I could hear your voice. I’m sick of love songs because they remind me about you but I can never turn off the radio when they’re on." "I’m sorry I hurt you Niall, I just wish I could take it all back." "Why did you leave if you still love me?" He asked after taking a sip from his coffee. "I thought I could be ok without you but I was wrong. I thought I would get over you but…" 
“Is that my Ireland jersey?” “Yeah, i’ve always loved wearing it.” “I was wondering where it went.” “You can have it back if you want.” “No, keep it, i’ve got another one anyway.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah i’m sure.” “Thank you Niall.” After a few minutes silence he spoke again. “Would you come back to me? If you had the chance?” “Of course I would.” “Then come back, we can make it work this time princess. I promise i’ll make more of an effort and i’ll get you to come on tour with us as often as you like. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy y/n.” “Really?” “Yeah, I promise i’ll do my best princess but only if you do one thing for me.” “I’ll do anything.” He leaned over the table, face inches from yours. “Never leave me again.” “I won’t,” you replied and pressed your lips to his. After pulling away you looked at him for a while. “I’ve missed that, i’ve missed everything.” “Me too,” he replied grabbing a hold of your hand. “Are you coming home then?” He asked. “Yeah, I am.”

That was it, after months apart and months of heartbreak you had found each other again and were happy. It was a mistake to leave but everyone deserves to be forgiven right??

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