One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


7. Niall Horan One Shot



This was written for Victoria. This is her blog on tumblr:  so follow her if you like 1D, 5SOS, Ed Sheeran and especially if you're a Niall girl


"Mummy where are we going?" Your four year old asked from the backseat of your car. "To meet mummy’s boyfriend sweetie." "Is that the boy in the pictures?" "Yes." "He’s pretty mummy," Holly giggled as you drove towards Niall’s apartment. Holly’s dad left when he found out you were pregnant. You were 15 at the time but your family helped you raise her. It was the first time you’d gone out in almost 6 months when you met Niall at a club. That night suddenly popped into your head.

"Mummy will see you tomorrow, ok Holly." "Yes mummy. I love you." "I love you too. Goodnight," you said kissing her cheek and walking out of her bedroom to leave the house. "I’ll be back in the morning," you told your parents before you left. As soon as you entered the club along with your friends you saw Niall, his blue eyes looking you up and down. You smiled at him and continued to the bar along with your friends. "6 vodka shots," your friend told the barman. "I don’t want to be going home in the morning drunk!" You shouted at her over the music. "You won’t!" You downed the shot and soon all of you were on the dance floor. After a while you left to get another drink. When you got to the bar Niall was standing beside you. "You look great," he said as soon as you stood beside him. "Umm thanks," you blushed looking away. "Wanna dance?" "Sure." You had completely forgot about getting a drink and soon were grinding with Niall. "Wanna head back to my place?" "Sure," you slurred. Nothing happened that night between you two. You wouldn’t let it but you did stay up talking and even agreed to go out on a date. That was the start of your relationship.

That was 5 months ago and you were in a happy relationship with Niall. He knew about Holly from the start so when you told him you wanted them to meet he was thrilled. He’d heard so much about her and seen so much pictures that he was excited to finally meet her. He told you he loved you for the first time last week and that’s when you realized that it was getting serious which meant if he was sticking around that they should meet. You pulled up outside Niall’s apartment and turned to face your daughter. “Stay here a minute ok. Mummy has to talk to Niall first.” She nodded her head and you got out of the car, locking it and walking towards Niall’s front door. You knocked and waited for him to answer. He opened the door and gave you a quick kiss knowing there was a child around. “So where is she?” “In the car. Are you sure you want to meet her?” “Of course I am.” “I’ll be right back.” You walked to the car, unlocked it and lifted Holly out. She started to walk to Niall. “Hello! I’m Holly!” She said very enthusiastically. “Hi Holly. I’m Niall.” “I know who you are. You’re mummy’s boyfriend that she always talks about. She thinks your beautiful, I heard her talking to her friend one day.” “Really?” He asked looking at you. You blushed but continued staring at your daughter. “Yep.” “Well your mummy always talks about you too. Would you like to come in?” He asked stepping aside. She walked on in to his apartment. “Beautiful huh?” He whispered in your ear. “I was going to say sexy but I saw her standing behind me in the mirror.”

Holly talked non stop to Niall and he was genuinely surprised. You had said she was a chatterbox but he didn’t think she talked this much. “Does anyone want some lunch?” Niall asked getting up from the couch. “Can I have a sandwich?” Holly asked. “Of course ya can buddy. Do you want anything princess?” He asked looking at you. “I’ll have a sandwich too.” He walked to the kitchen and your daughter moved closer to you. “Mummy I like Niall, he’s pretty.” “I like him too sweetie.” “Why does he call you princess?” “Because he thinks i’m a princess.” “But am I not a princess?” She asked pouting. “Of course you are. You’re my princess.” “Mummy is Niall my daddy?” “Only if you want me to be,” he said walking back into the room with three sandwiches. “Can he be my daddy?” She asked looking at you. “Only if it’s what you want,” you said looking at him. “Of course I want to be.” He bent over and kissed you. “Ewww,” Holly said. You both pulled away and chuckled. “I love you Victoria.” “I love you too Niall.”

That was just the beginning of your family. The Horan family. It was perfect and Holly finally had a daddy.

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