One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


4. Niall Horan One Shot

(Sorry it’s short and I know I used someone else’s idea. I saw the quote at the start of a preference and got an idea for a one shot)


'If I ever get married, I want to build a box with our wedding date on the outside. In it, it'll have a bottle of wine and two sealed love letters about why we love each other. If things ever get hard or our love fades, we will open the box, drink the wine, and read the letter we wrote to each other- showing that we can get through anything.'

The fighting has been none stop for weeks now, Niall moved his bed officially to the couch and the kids were worried, especially the youngest Kayla. You were scared that this was the end for the both of you, you can’t handle Niall’s temper anymore and he can’t seem to stand anything about you anymore. He had even started to move some of his things out, claiming that it wasn’t going to work anymore.

One day when you thought everyone was gone, you snuck into the back with your gardening shovel and walked to the back corner, eager to dig up the box where you two vowed your love for each other. “Y/N + Niall July 16, 2023”. This brought you back to the day you both made the box.

You sat inside as you finished decorating the box and Niall walked in, wiping the sweat from his brow. “The hole is done, whenever you’re ready, princess,” He smiled. You nodded and finished writing ‘Y/N + Niall July 16, 2023’ on the top before you slipped in your letter into the sturdy box that held a bottle of wine. You handed him the box and he did the same before grabbing your hand. The two of you walked out back and he placed the box in the hole. “This is for us.” He hummed kissing your hand. Your mum told you about it when you were little and you always wanted to do it when you got married, she told you when you got engaged how she thought it would be good to have for the future when things got hard. Secretly, she just didn’t want you and Niall to go through the same thing as her and your dad. 
You smiled and nodded staring brightly at your husband. “Only for us.” you agreed. He let go of your hand and quickly started to cover the box with dirt. “Let’s just hope we don’t forget where this is.” He laughed after finishing. “Never.”

When you finally got the box out of the ground, you sat back on your heels and carefully lifted the top off. The box was old, tattered and filled with dirt. You carefully lifted the envelope with your name on it and tore it open. As you started to read, you felt a presence next to you and soon enough, a hand latched onto yours. “y/N…” Niall whispered quietly. You looked up to see his pained expression and he pulled you into a hug. “I still love you,. I love you so much and I’m sorry” “I love you too, but I think you should read mine. I think we need to remember why we fell in love in the first place.” “Read mine to me and then i’ll read yours to you.” “Then get cups so we can drink this wine too,” you smiled and he got up from the ground to go to the kitchen.

"I love you more than I love food, and that’s an accomplishment. I love it how no matter what you’re wearing or what time of the day it is you always look beautiful and how you never get worried about anything, you’ve stuck with me through it all. I love that you love me, I love getting into bed at night after work and being able to cuddle with you. I love everything about you, you really are a princess. My princess," you read aloud. Niall smiled as you put his letter down, waiting for him to read yours.

"I love you more than there are stars in the sky and fish in the sea. I love it how your calloused fingers feel pressed against my spine and how your warm breath constantly makes goosebumps appear whenever it hits my neck" He read your letter aloud as the two of you sat in the yard, sipping the most expensive wine from cups used for tea. "I love when you sing me to sleep and how you know when I’m uncomfortable lying in bed. I love it when you surprise me with kisses and when you smile, my heart flutters," he said. Niall looked up at you and you blushed making him smile and your heart flutter under your skin "You still do, Niall. I can feel my heart doing back flips right now" You whispered. Niall’s eyes glowed with tears and he crawled over to you, placing your wine cup on the floor. "Then you should know that my heart flutters every time my name rolls off your lips, good or bad." He whispered. You smiled and leaned into him. "Good." "Can I move off the couch then?" He asked after five minutes of silence. "Of course you can," you chuckled. "The bed has been cold without you," you continued. He just wrapped his arms tighter around you and pressed his lips to your forehead. "I love you so much princess," he told you. You smiled, it had been a long time since he said that to you. "I love you too Niall," you whispered as you leaned in to kiss him.

You had your husband back, even though he was never gone. Your family was whole again and your kids couldn’t have been happier that you two weren’t fighting anymore. It was all you’d ever wanted.

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