One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


29. Michael Clifford One Shot


This is for 5sos-hairdye on tumblr.

Michael sat staring at his phone. He couldn’t stop looking at her, she was wearing one of his AC/DC shirts that was too big for her and her eyes had a shine to them. She looked happy, but she always did until he left, until he hurt her…
Michael had gone on tour, leaving Aimee, his girlfriend behind. He didn’t want to leave Aimee but he had no choice, he had to.

Michael stood with Aimee in his arms as she sobbed. “I’m going to be back soon. It’s only 4 months,” he told her. “I know but I’m going to miss you,” she replied. “I want to stay like this forever,” he mumbled while kissed the top of her head. “So do I,” Aimee replied. “Flight 55 to Toronto now boarding,” was called out through the intercom. “That’s me,” Michael said. “Yeah,” Aimee replied, wiping her tears. Michael didn’t want to go, not without her. He didn’t want to leave her like this on her own. “You should go,” she mumbled after a few minutes. Michael embraced her nice again and then kissed her. “I love you Aimee,” he said. “I love you too. Now go, I don’t want you to miss your flight,” she told him. He let go of her and walked to the gate. He have over his boarding pass and just before he boarded he turned around and blew a kiss to Aimee. That was the last time Michael saw Aimee.

Just the thought of that day made Michael feel sick, he had left you at the airport that day and promised that he would see you in 4 months but because of what he did, that promise was broken.

"Come on lad, you can’t stay in forever just because your girlfriend isn’t here," Harry said to Michael. "I know but I just don’t feel like going out tonight," Michael replied. "Just come to the bar for a fee drinks," Harry said. "We’re not even legal here," Michael told him. "Yeah but Louis can get the drinks for us," Harry once again said. "Alright but just a few." They ended up staying at the bar all night and if course girls came up to them both. At the start, Michael tried to turn them down but as he got more drinks and became drunk he stayed with a girl. In the back of his mind he knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help himself. She looked like Aimee, brown hair and eyes, black dress on, Aimee’s favourite colour. They ended up back in Michael’s room and they ended up in bed.

Michael regretted it as soon as it happened but he didn’t want to tell you. He had only been gone 2 months and he had been unfaithful. If you found out you would leave him for sure. He made the girl leave as soon as they woke up. Unfortunately you don’t always get what you want…
The girl was pictured leaving Michael’s floor of the hotel and spread on the internet. Aimee saw them and she was upset but more angry. She called him straight away. He picked up after the first ring. “YOU BASTARD!” Aimee screamed down the phone. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” “It was a mistake babe. I was drunk and she looked like you and I just…I don’t know what came over me,” Michael explained. “YOU KNEW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE DOING! DON’T CALL ME BACK!” She screamed. “Aimee please, give me another chance,” Michael pleaded. “YOU HAVE ONLY BEEN GONE 2 MONTHS AND YOU’VE ALREADY CHEATED! WE’RE DONE MICHAEL!” She screamed and hung up.

For days Michael stayed in his hotel room, upset and looking at your picture. He re-read your old text conversations but there was nothing he could do to get all of that back because he had destroyed your trust, he had hurt you and there was no going back.

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