One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


23. Michael Clifford One Shot



Trigger warning: Sad and self harm content

Listen to this when reading:

“You’re gonna be my best friend forever right Michael?” “Of course I am y/n, forever.”

That was when you were both 6 years old but now you were 19 and grieving. It was a freak accident, no one could have seen it coming but it happened and he was gone…

It was your aunt’s 40th birthday and you were 16, there was a fortune teller booked and everyone couldn’t wait but you never believed in any of it. Of course your mum made you have your “fortune” told. “I see loss in your future. A friend, a boy, you will lose him. Count your blessings now that he is here today. You will lose him soon.” “This is bullshit,” you said getting up and walking away from the party.

That was 3 years ago and right now, standing beside his corpse you realized it wasn’t bullshit and that you should have listened, you should have spent more time with him, you should have made more time to go on tour with him because now he’s gone.

Michael Clifford, your best friend, forever but nothing lasts forever. You knew that now. You were with him when it happened, when he…died.

You were running around on the stage with Michael, just messing. But he ran too close to the edge and he fell, he slipped and feel off. “MICHAEL!” You screamed, running down the steps and towards him. But it was too late, his neck was broken, he was gone. “SOMEONE HELP!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. “MICHAEL’S DEAD!” Security guards came running towards you and they had to pull you away from Michael. They didn’t even check for a pulse, they had seen his neck and just knew, he was gone.

"I should have listened to that fortune teller," you said dragging the blade across your arm. "I should have spent more time with him," you dragged the blade again. "What happened to forever Michael?" You screamed, looking up at the ceiling while dragging the blade once again across your arm. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Are you ok y/n? I heard shouting," Calum said from the other side. "Leave me alone Calum." "Let me in." "I said leave me alone!" "If you don’t let me in i’ll kick down the door." "Please don’t Cal. I need to be on my own." "I know your upset y/n but so are we but staying by yourself isn’t a good idea." "Fine i’ll open the door." You didn’t even care about the blood on your arm. They all knew you had cut before, it wasn’t a secret. "What are you doing?" Calum asked as soon as he saw your arms. "I can’t stand it without him. It’s my fault, if I hadn’t suggested a game of tag he would still be here Cal, he promised me he’d be my best friend forever but he’s gone, he’s gone Calum and he’s not coming back," you sobbed collapsing into Calum’s arms. "Don’t blame yourself y/n. Please don’t do this to yourself, it’s not what Mikey would want." "But it’s the only way the pain goes away." "Please y/n, don’t." "But he said forever Calum." "And he meant it, he’ll be your best friend forever, you just won’t see him." "I just wish I had told him how I felt about him. I wish I had told him that I loved him, as more than a friend." "You can still tell him, he’ll hear you y/n, I know he will." "But I should have told him when he was here." "I know. Let’s get you cleaned up so you can come back downstairs." You nodded and let Calum help you clean up.

You sat down in front of him a few days later, everyone else had left and were at the gathering in memory of Michael but you wanted to spend time with him. “Hi Mikey, I hope you’re ok. I’m sorry about this, i’m sorry I suggested the game of tag, i’m sorry I didn’t listen to the fortune teller when I was told I would lose you and i’m sorry for not telling you this before you left. I love you Mikey, as more than a friend. I just didn’t want to ruin the friendship in case you didn’t feel the same but I guess i’ll never know how you felt now but I wanted you to know. We all miss you, I wish I could just hold you, be with you one more time. This is all my fault and i’m sorry,” you said getting up from the ground. “Forever Michael, I love you,” you whispered kissing your fingertips and pressing them to the gravestone.

The first time you kissed Michael came to your mind as you walked away from him. You were both 11 years old and neither of you had had your first kiss yet and decided to just get it over with, with each other. “Are you sure about this y/n?” He asked you. “Yes I am Mikey, let’s just get this over with.” He nodded his head in agreement and leaned in to kiss you. It was just a quick peck but it was a kiss, the only time you had kissed him, it would stay in your mind forever. Just wishing for it to have happened more.

A week later you got something to remind you of Michael, your best friend. A tattoo just like his one. “To the moon” on your left bicep in the same scrawl and a tattoo that said “forever” with a small heart beside it to cover your scars. He may not be here but at least you could remember him.

"Remember when you couldn’t decide what color to dye your hair and you ended up with rainbow hair and when…" You recounted as you sat beside your best friend. "I’m going to see you soon Michael," you said. "I’ll be up there with you soon so we can remember all the good times. Hopefully when you said forever you meant it." You slowly got up from your place beside him and kissed your fingertips just as you did every time you visited and pressed them against the gravestone.

When you said soon you meant it, a week later you were finally reunited with your best friend. After 60 years you finally got to see him again. Your cancer had destroyed you but you were glad, there was no more suffering and finally you could be with your best friend because when he said forever, he meant it.

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