One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


19. Michael Clifford One Shot


"Where are you Leah?" You shouted from the living room. "I’m coming mommy," your three year old replied. You were five months pregnant and had a sonogram appointment today. Michael, your boyfriend was out for the morning recording with his band and would meet you at the hospital. Leah cane into the room in a little Rolling Stones t-shirt, black skinny jeans and her red converse. "Aren’t you looking cute today," you said picking her up. "Daddy picked my clothes," she replied smiling. "Of course he did," you chuckled while lifting your purse and keys. "Do I finally get to see my little brother?" "Yeah, you do." "Where’s daddy? Does he not want to see my brother too?" "Of course he does. Daddy’s going to meet us there."

You pulled up outside the hospital and parked. You got Leah out of the car and you both walked to the hospital. After 15 minutes of waiting you were called into the room. “Mommy where’s daddy?” Leah asked as she sat in the chair beside you. “I don’t think he’s coming sweetie.” “But why?” She asked, her eyes going watery. “He’s recording but maybe he’ll come.” You grabbed her little hand and held it in yours. The gel was rubbed on your stomach and the cursor put over your stomach. For a few minutes they moved it around and the nurse finally spoke. “I’m just going to get another doctor to look at this. I’ll be right back.” As the nurse stepped out Michael walked in. He gave you a quick kiss and lifted Leah up, sitting her on his lap. “I thought you weren’t coming daddy,” she told him. “I just got stuck in traffic sweetie. Did I miss much?” He asked looking at you. “The nurse just went to get another doctor to look at it. I think there’s something wrong Michael.” He grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss to it.

The nurse came back in a few minutes later with another doctor. “Let’s get a look at you y/n.” The doctor moved the cursor across your stomach once again. He looked at the nurse and shook his head. “Can I let the nurse take your daughter outside?” He asked you both. “Yes,” you replied. “But I want to meet my brother mommy,” she cried. “You will sweetie, the doctor just needs to talk to mummy and daddy for a minute.” “Ok.” The nurse took Leah’s hand and walked out of the room. As soon as the door closed the doctor looked at you both. “I’m afraid you’ve miscarried Ms y/l/n.” “But wouldn’t I have known? Wouldn’t I have bled…like last time?” “Miscarriages are different, but how many is this you’ve had now?” “Three,” Michael replied. “I truly am sorry. I think you should book an appointment to get a check Ms y/l/n. There could be a problem with your uterus.” You felt tears fall from your eyes and leaned against Michael. “I’ll give you both a minute.” “You should just leave me Michael, I can’t give you a baby, I can’t give you a family.” “You gave me Leah didn’t you?” “Yeah.” “Then that’s all the family I need.” “But you want more kids Michael.” “Maybe but I want more kids with you. And we’ll have more, I promise. We can adopt or get a surrogate but Leah will have a little brother or sister.” “Leah,” you whispered. “We’ll tell her when we get home.” You nodded and wiped your tears before walking out of the room with Michael. “Ready to go home?” You asked your daughter. “But I want to meet my brother.” “You will Leah, just not today,” Michael said bending down to her height. She wrapped her small hands around his neck and he picked her up. You all walked to the car and Michael drove home.

"Why couldn’t I meet my brother?" Leah asked as you all sat down on the couch. Michael looked at you and you nodded, signaling him to tell her. "Leah, you’re not going to have a little brother." "But how? He was in mommy today." "He was but he isn’t anymore sweetie." "Why?" "We don’t know but we know that he had to go. He wasn’t meant to be here." "Then why did he come here?" "We don’t know either but I promise you’re gonna have a little brother or sister someday." "Is that why I couldn’t see him at the hospital, because he wasn’t here anymore?" "Yes." Suddenly she wrapped her arms around you. "I promise mommy I love you double what I did, for me and my brother." You felt yourself tear up. "I love you too sweetie." "Come on, time for bed," Michael said picking her up. "But i’m not tired." "You have to go to bed. Say goodnight to mommy." "Goodnight mommy," she said kissing your cheek. "Goodnight." Michael carried her upstairs to her room. After 20 minutes he came back downstairs and sat beside you. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. "You’re such a good dad," you said after a while. "And you’re a good mum." "But i’m not, I can’t even carry a baby." "We don’t know if that’s true yet." "Of course it’s true Michael! You don’t just miscarry three time and not have a problem!" "That doesn’t mean you’re not a good mum. Leah loves you, you’re a great mum to her, you carried her." "Maybe but remember there was complications. I could have lost her too." "And so could I but we didn’t and she’s here. I promise we’ll have another baby, there will be another baby Clifford." "You’re amazing do you know that?" "I’ve been told that quite a few times actually," he replied jokingly. You hit his arm playfully. "I’m luck to have you. Any other guy would have been out the door the minute they found out I was pregnant with Leah but you stayed. Thank you." "I never would have left, no matter who it was that I got pregnant, I would never have left a pregnant woman." "I love you so much Michael." "I love you too y/n." You sat like that all night, curled up in Michael’s arms, grieving for your little boy and being thankful for the little girl that you had.

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