One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


13. Michael Clifford One Shot


'Where are you?:/' You texted your boyfriend Michael as you waited in Starbucks for him. He was supposed to meet you half an hour ago but hadn't shown up. 'At home with the guys playing xbox. Where are you?x' You read from your screen. 'At Starbucks waiting for you. We had a date!!' You sent already mad. A few minutes later your phone vibrated again. 'I'm so sorry babe. I forgot :( but come round i'll make it up to you x' You sighed typing on your phone once again. 'Fine. I'll be there soon'

You walked into Michael’s house and heard him talking with the boys. You were still mad and upset and it didn’t help that it was your time of the month and you were always cranky. Your emotions just took over and you went storming into the living room. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU STOOD ME UP TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES AGAIN!” You shouted at him. Ashton paused the game and looked at Calum and Luke. “I’m sorry y/n, I completely forgot and then they just showed up.” “SORRY ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH THIS TIME CLIFFORD!!” That’s when he gulped, when you called him by his last name he knew it was serious. “We’re just gonna go mate,” Calum said as the three boys got up and walked out of the room. “HOW COULD YOU STAND ME UP FOR THE PEOPLE YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME WITH? YOU SEE THEM EVERY DAY ON TOUR AND I BARELY SEE YOU AND THEN YOU COME HOME AND STILL SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WITH THEM!!” “I can’t just ignore them y/n. They’re my best friends.” “AND I’M YOUR GIRLFRIEND!! DOESN’T THAT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU??” “It does, I just forgot y/n. I promise it won’t happen again.” “YOU COULD COME UP WITH A BETTER EXCUSE CLIFFORD!! AND YOU PROMISED THAT LAST TIME YOU ‘FORGOT’!!” “I’m telling you the truth y/n!” “DOEN’T SEEM LIKE IT!! YOU ALWAYS STAND ME UP TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES AND WATCH PORN!! I BET YOU AREN’T EVEN FAITHFUL WHEN WE’RE APART!!” “DON’T YOU DARE ACCUSE ME OF CHEATING!” “OH! IS IT HARD TO HEAR THE TRUTH??” “FUCK UP Y/N!” “WHY DON’T YOU FUCK UP MICHAEL!! I CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE!! YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A LAZY CUNT WHO PLAYS VIDEO GAMES AND WATCHES PORN ALL DAY!! WE’RE DONE!!” “WHAT?” “I SAID WE’RE DONE!! I’M LEAVING YOU!!” “NO YOU’RE NOT!!” “GIVE ME A REASON WHY I SHOULDN’T?!” “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU IDIOT!” “WHAT?!” “I SAID I LOVE YOU!!” “You’ve never said that to me before.” “I know but I should have. I’m sorry.” “You’re forgiven because I love you too Michael.”

"I’m sorry about earlier, I shouldn’t have shouted at you in front of the boys. I was angry but you know I be really cranky at this time of the month." "You don’t need to apologize. Do you want to invite them back over and we can kick their asses at Black Ops?" "Sure," you looked up at Michael from your position on the couch. He smiled at you and pressed his lips to yours before taking out his phone and texting Ashton, Calum and Luke. They all showed up 10 minutes later and grabbed their controllers. Michael sat down on the ground and you sat in between his legs. "I’m guessing you two made up then," Calum said. "Yeah, I overreacted," you replied smiling up at Michael. "You didn’t, I shouldn’t have stood you up again. But everything’s ok now, all that matters is that you forgave me and that we love each other." "Hold up a sec… You told her?" Luke asked looking at Michael. "Well she was gonna leave me so I kinda had to tell her." "And you love him too?" Luke asked looking at you now. "Yes, I do love him." "That’s great, i’m happy for you guys. You better not hurt him y/n." "Don’t worry, I won’t." Luke then took out his phone. "Let me get a pic of you two for twitter." Michael wrapped his arms around you and you both looked at Luke, smiling. Your phone then vibrated in your pocket signaling a twitter notification. ‘Playing Black Ops with @yourtwittername @Michael5SOS and the rest of @5SOS :)’ The picture of you and Michael was attached. You quickly replied ‘@Luke5SOS we’re gonna beat all of you. @Michael5SOS love ya xx’

You put your phone away and Michael put his arms around you with the controller in his hands. He handed it to you and showed you where to put your fingers and then put his above yours, guiding you through the game and beating Luke, Ashton and Calum. For a day that started off really bad it turned out to be great, you had your boyfriend and had finally said those three words. You couldn’t have been happier and neither could Michael.

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