One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


47. Michael Clifford Drabble


4 years, that’s how long it had taken. 4 years of trying, 2 miscarriages and 3 rounds of unsuccessful IVF but now there was finally a baby Clifford. In the end you had given up, decided that you weren’t meant to be parents and that maybe you should just not try, if it happened it happend. So you just stopped using protection, you didn’t have the whole schedule of the days you were ovulating anymore. That was all thrown away, if you got pregnant you got pregnant. And you did, after 4 years you got pregnant and for the first time you lasted over 5 months. Michael sat in the chair beside your bed, the little girl in his arms and stared at her in awe. He was a dad, he finally had a child. He still couldn’t believe that it had happened, it wasn’t expected. The pregnancy had been hard, after 6 months you had to be taken into the hospital, the doctors unsure if the baby would survive. But she did, just like her daddy she fought and she won, she was strong and Michael couldn’t have been prouder.

It was almost as if you had gotten used to the pregnancy tests coming up negative. It was the norm but when those three tests (just to be sure) came up positive you could not believe it. But of course there was the difficulties. Michael being on your for most of the pregnancy being one of them, but then when you almost lost the baby and having to be kept in hospital until the end of your pregnancy. It really was hard but as you stared at the little girl, in her daddy’s arms as he sung quietly to her, you knew that it was worth it. All of the trying, the failed attempts and the difficulties were worth it.

Michael put the little girl in the crib at the bottom of your bed when she fell asleep and sat on the bed beside you. He put his arms around you and leaned his head on top of yours. “We did good didn’t we?” He asked. You smiled and looked at your daughter asleep and replied. “Yeah, we did. We finally did it. 4 years, I always thought we had wasted our time but we didn’t. I’m just so glad that she is here now.”
“We didn’t waste our time. Even if we never got pregnant it was fun trying.” Michael said.
“Of course it was but we never got anything out of it. But now we have her, I’m just glad we stuck it out.”
Michael pecked your lips and held you closer. “But we got her, we got our beautiful daughter. It might have taken a few years but we got her, we got something that we hoped we would get for so long and I couldn’t be happier. I love you, I love you both.” 
“I love you too Michael.” You fell asleep like that, in Michael’s arms with your baby sleeping at the bottom of your bed. You couldn’t have asked for anything else because finally you had a family. Finally you were a mother.

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