One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


40. Michael Clifford Drabble

This is loosely based off this Chris Brown song. Enjoy, and follow me for more 5sos writing :)


It wasn’t meant to end this way, it wasn’t meant to end at all but it did and it broke your heart. He was on tour at the time and you had a fight on the phone. It ended badly and it was your fault. You wanted to say sorry but you knew you could only do it in person so you flew out to do just that. It took a few days to get a flight booked and to get their hotel info off your brother, Calum. You arrived at the hotel and he wasn’t in your room. That’s when you found out he had gone clubbing. To surprise him you decided to go too, just to see him again. You thought you were doing something good but when you got there you realised you had been wrong. You saw him in the corner but he didn’t see you. You walked towards him and that’s when your life changed, he was there, making out with some girl and his hand up her dress. It disgusted you, it really did because you thought he was different. You went back to the hotel and wrote a note: ‘Michael, I came to apologise for what I said but clearly you have moved on. I saw you with that girl, don’t bother calling. We’re done, for good this time’

That was the last he had heard from you. You wouldn’t pick up your phone and Calum, well let’s just say that Calum found out that he actually has a good punch. Michael regretted that night, he was drunk and mad. You had said some horrible things to him and he thought you were over. But after three months they were finally coming home. The car pulled up outside yours and Calum’s home but before Calum could open the door Michael grabbed his hand. “If you see her, tell her I’m sorry and that I miss her.” Michael said looking Calum in the eye. But Calum would just shake his head and get out of the van because he didn’t deserve you, you had been nothing but faithful and he had been an idiot. Michael then put his head in his hands and sighed. “I just want her to know how sorry I am. That I haven’t slept since she left, it’s too cold to sleep without her. I fucked up, I know I did but I want her to come home. I need her to come home, it’s not the same without her.” Michael mumbled. Luke and Ashton just sit there because they don’t want to be taking sides. They knew that what Michael had done was wrong but he missed you, he knew he had made a mistake and he hadn’t been the same since you left. In a way they want you to forgive him because he isn’t the same and because of Calum not talking to Michael it’s tearing the band apart. Which is why the next time he saw you, Luke told you everything that Michael had said. And that’s why you met up with him the next day, at that coffee shop that you both love because maybe it had been your fault and maybe, just maybe he deserved to be forgiven because you missed him too and you hadn’t slept since you had left him either. And maybe that’s why two years later you would walk down the aisle, because you were meant to be together, no matter what.

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