One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


24. Luke Hemmings One Shot


"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" You screamed at Luke. After two years together you came home to find him in bed with another girl. "I can explain y/n, it’s not what it looks like." "You said that last time, you said it wouldn’t happen again, that you were drunk and I was stupid enough to believe you." "Y/n, please just give me one more chance." "NO LUKE, YOU USED YOUR LAST CHANCE! WE’RE DONE!" You screamed grabbing bags and stuffing your clothes in them. "Y/n stop, we can get through this, it was a mistake ok. I was lonely, I just missed you." "YOU MISSED ME SO YOU SLEPT WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!" "I know it seems bad but it’s just we never see each other anymore because i’m always with the band and your at school." "IT SEEMS BAD?! YOUR JUST A CUNT LUKE! I HATE YOU!" You zipped up your bags and walked out of the room. "Y/N PLEASE!" "NO LUKE! WE’RE DONE AND THIS TIME FOR GOOD!" You opened the front door and were about to walk out but he grabbed your wrist and slammed the door. You were shoved against it roughly and he stood in front of you, towering over you. "You’re not going anywhere," he hissed. "Let me go Luke!" "Not until you say that you’re staying." "You’re hurting me Luke!" "Then stay!" "No!" You screamed in his face and kneed him in the crotch. "Ow! Why the fuck did you do that?" "Because you’re a bastard!" You grabbed your bags and walked out the door, away from him, for good…

It had been three days since you left and you were upset, inside but you weren’t showing it. You had put your walls up again and weren’t letting anyone in. You remembered Luke saying he had a day of recording today so you decided to use the opportunity to get the rest of your things. You pulled up outside and walked to the door. You unlocked it and went inside. The place was a mess, there was glass on the floor, tables turned upside down and things thrown everywhere. Was he really feeling this bad? You sighed and walked upstairs. You put a lot of your stuff into boxes and brought them outside to your car, you packed the last box and lifted the picture frame off your bedside locker. It was you and Luke the day you agreed to be his girlfriend. You smiled to yourself remembering the day.

"Ha! I’m beating you!" You laughed as you walked back to Luke. "That’s not fair though, you have the bumpers up and I don’t." "You could have put them up if you wanted to Luke." "I don’t need them." "Sure you don’t," you mumbled turning around and giggling to yourself. Luke lifted his ball and threw it down the lane. It went down the side and didn’t knock down any pins. "Sure you don’t regret not putting the bumpers up?" You asked. "I’m sure y/n. I don’t even want to play anymore." "You’re just angry that you’re getting beat by a girl," you giggled sticking out your tongue. "Come on, lets go get some food," he said grabbing your hand. You both walked up to the little cafe that was in the bowling alley and sat down. After ordering and just joking Luke’s voice turned serious. "Y/n I want to ask you something." "You mean you want to know how I got so good a bowling?" You joked. "No y/n this is serious." "You’re not ditching me are you?" "No, the opposite actually. W-will you b-be my girl-girlfriend?" "Of course I will Luke." You leaned over the table and pecked his cheek. He blushed a light pink and you just giggled.

You sighed putting the frame in the box. You carried it downstairs and put it in your car. It was only your guitar left now, which was in the room where Luke kept all his things for the band. You walked to the room and looked around, remembering so many things. Finally you found your guitar and walked back out. But when you walked out you weren’t alone…

"Y/n? What are you doing here?" He asked. "Just getting the rest of my stuff." "Please don’t go, give me one more chance." "No Luke, you’ve hurt me so much." "And i’m sorry." You put the guitar down and looked him straight in the eye. "No you’re not," you said pushing him. "You. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. About. Me." You repeatedly hit his chest. "It was just another fuck with some whore for you! And in our bed, where we slept beside each other! You’re not sorry for what you did, you’re just sorry you got caught!" You kept hitting his chest and then you started crying uncontrollably. He pulled you into him and out of instinct you wrapped your arms around him. "You broke my heart," you sniffled. "I’m so sorry," he said kissing the top of your head. "You don’t know how you’ve made me feel." "I do because i’ve felt the same. I’m a wreck y/n. Just knowing I hurt you is driving me crazy." "Why did you do it?" "I missed you." "But I was always there. When i’ve had time off school i’ve always come to see you and we always talk, skype." "I know. I’m so sorry baby. Give me one more chance. I promise i’ll change, it won’t happen again." "Just hold me Luke." "Does that mean…" "I’m not giving you another chance, not yet. I have to think about it but just hold me, for now." And he did, in the middle of the wrecked living room he held you while you cried your heart out over how much he had hurt you.

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