One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


5. Liam Payne One Shot


3 years, that’s how long you’d known Liam, that’s how long you’d loved him. But he didn’t know, you were just a friend with benefits, no strings attached relationship. You met Liam through your cousin Harry when they were put in a band together. You and Liam clicked instantly, becoming best friends. But he had a girlfriend, Danielle and until he turned up on your doorstep in September of 2012 broken hearted you thought he would never love you the same way you loved him. You were happy she had left him, yes it was terrible that you were happy but it gave you hope, hope that he would fall for you. After two weeks he was still heartbroken and you took him clubbing, trying to cheer him up. If only you knew what that would lead to…

You slept together more than 3 times a week after that, you feel for him more but he still had no idea how you felt. You both agreed it would be a no strings attached relationship even though it’s not what you wanted. He still got other girls and you sometimes slept with other guys but you loved Liam. As soon as he got that text from Danielle saying she regretted everything he went straight back to her, no matter how many times you told him that she would break his heart again he went back and you were left with the broken heart, Harry you’re only source of comfort. He found out when he walked in on you two at your apartment. He kept it a secret though and when he found out Liam went back to Danielle and you were heartbroken he was angry, he wanted to rip Liam to shreds. You were like a sister to Harry and he couldn’t stand seeing you hurt. But you tried to move on, slowly you and Liam got back into a routine of being best friends again, the sexting stopped and so did the ‘sleepovers’. She was tying him down again, he wasn’t partying, they even got a dog. And that’s what broke your heart, he was happy with her, he loved her, not you…Danielle.

But as soon as they broke up again in May of 2013 he was back on your doorstep broken hearted again. You knew it would happen, you had warned him but he wouldn’t listen and now he was crying in your arms. He went on tour again a few days later and that took his mind off things but he wanted you to go with him, claiming he needed his best friend but you knew he wanted to pick up where you left off. You agreed to go so you could spend more time with your best friend and cousin and that’s when the texts started again. He’d simply text you saying how he wanted to just fuck you right then and there if he was on the other side of the room, but when you didn’t reply or wouldn’t sleep with him he knew something was up. How he hadn’t figured out the truth before was what everyone was puzzled about, Harry said everyone knew you loved him except Liam. You tried avoiding him but it didn’t work, he finally got you alone and the questioning started.

"Why are you being like this? Have I done something wrong?" "No." "I know when you’re lying. Tell me." "I don’t want to tell you." "But I want you to." "I’m not telling you," you said trying to get out of his grip. He pulled you back and towards him. "Tell me," he whispered with his lips brushing yours. "Stop! Stop this! Let me go!" He released you from his grip. "What is your problem?" "This! You!" "What did I do?" "You made me fall in love with you!!" "What?!" "You made me fall for you," you said quieter. "But…how? When?" "From the start, i’ve always loved you Liam but when this all started I fell for you more. I was heartbroken when you got back with Danielle. But as soon as you came back to me heartbroken I knew I couldn’t let this go on. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t want to be with me." "But…how?" "That first night we slept together, I knew there was no going back, we couldn’t just be friends again after that. I loved you more after that, I felt like I had a chance, I felt that maybe you would love me too but you didn’t, you don’t." You started to walk out of his hotel room and as soon as you got in the corridor and walked away he came out, stood at his door and shouted. "I do love you y/n ! Why do you think I started this?!" You turned around and looked at him, he had a serious look in his eye. "Are you telling the truth?" "Have I ever lied to you?" "No." "Then why would I start now." He smiled at you and you ran into his arms. He kissed you slow but passionately. "I’ve waited so long for you to say that," you said after you pulled away. Liam smiled and kissed you again, carrying you into his hotel room.

You slept together that night. Not your regular routine of fucking hard and fast, just pure lust. This, this was filled with passion, love. You made love that night for the first time and it made you fall for him even more.

Everyone was happy that you two were together when you walked out to the tour bus hand in hand the next day, they couldn’t understand why it hadn’t happened before. Twitter was going crazy, the fans seemed to love you two together. Apparently the fans had been waiting for it to happen and you already had a ship name. But you didn’t care, all you cared about was that you loved Liam and Liam the boy you loved for so long loved you back, just like you’d always dreamed he would.

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