One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


44. Liam Payne Drabble

 He wasn’t meant to leave, it wasn’t meant to be like this but he had to leave. He had to live his dream and that meant that he had to go halfway across the world for six months. You had been with him before when he went on tour but he had been home for so long that you didn’t want him to go. You had a routine, each day was different but always the same. Mondays, those were days for waking up after noon and laying in bed all day. Tuesdays, days where you woke up early and went on a drive, the radio up loud and Beyoncé’s CD playing while you both sung along at the top of your voices. Wednesdays, those were for spending time together. Lunch, movies and dinner in the evening. Thursdays, days spent with friends and then all going to Funky Buddha at night. Fridays were spent watching box sets and Saturdays were days spent with your families. Visiting, spending quality time with the people you love but Sundays… Sundays were days for “daddy”. Being woken up by being eaten out or getting a blowjob. They were days where you never stopped, those were the days he loved the most and those were the days where neither of you slept until 7 or 8am.
But now nothing was being said, nothing could be said. He was squeezing you tight, his eyes tearing up but you were sobbing. You didn’t want him to go and he didn’t want to go. But eventually he had to. He let go of you and you started to unzip his hoodie. “Keep it.” He said. “It will remind you of me.” He added and zipped it back up. You smiled slightly and wrapped your arms around yourself. He kissed you one last time and started to walk away. But right before he got on the plane he ran back. He ran back and said one last thing. “I love you. Don’t forget that.” He kissed you and ran back to his band mates. You stood and watched the plane take off and whispered “I love you too Liam. I love you too.” And then you walked away, you walked away to be by yourself, to sleep alone for the next six months because that’s all you could do.

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