One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


17. Josh Devine One Shot



This may just be a once off. An anon on tumblr told me to give it a go writing a Josh one shot so I want to see what kind of notes I get on it and then i'll decide if i'm going to keep writing Josh one shots. Like, favourite and follow me on tumblr


"FUCK YOU JOSH! I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE! I CAN’T BE WITH SOMEONE WHO WON’T TRUST ME!" You screamed at your boyfriend. You had met Josh almost two years ago through your best friend Zayn Malik. You really had fallen in love with him and the relationship was good despite the odd argument, but what good relationship didn’t have an argument? This time though it was different, it was almost as if it had been rising up inside of you both and then you just exploded. You knew he had friends who were girls, you had friends who were guys two and you both agreed not to get jealous but when you were told that he was spending a lot of time with his friends you started getting worried, you went to visit him on tour and then you spotted him out with his ex. That’s when it all boiled over, you asked him why he didn’t tell you he was hanging out with all these girls and he accused you of being jealous. You weren’t though, you were just worried that he was cheating or that he was going to leave you for someone else. "I CAN TRUST YOU THOUGH!" "THEN WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?" "BECAUSE I KNEW THIS IS HOW YOU WOULD REACT! YOU’RE SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN! YOU JUST THINK EVERYONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU WHEN THEY’RE NOT!" "I’M A DRAMA QUEEN?! IF YOU WOULD HAVE TOLD ME IN THE FIRST PLACE I WOULDN’T BE MAD!" "YEAH YOU ARE A DRAMA QUEEN!" "FUCK YOU JOSH! WE’RE DONE! FOR GOOD THIS TIME!!" You shouted walking out of the hotel room.

You sat against the wall outside with your legs pulled into your chest. Thankfully there was no fans outside the back of the hotel trying to see One Direction. Suddenly the door opened and you looked up expecting to see Josh but it wasn’t him, it was Zayn. “What’s up?” He asked as he took his packet of cigarettes out. “Had an argument with Josh, broke up with him.” “You what?!” “Just give me a cig Zayn.” “Didn’t know you smoked.” “I don’t but it helps you when you’re stressed out.” “Only because i’m a smoker y/n. I’m not giving you one.” “Would you rather I went and drank a bottle of vodka instead then?” “No but smoking isn’t the answer either.” “Please just give me one Zayn, you were never this reluctant to give me a blunt.” “That’s different y/n.” “How?” “It just is.” “Please Zayn, I won’t smoke again after this.” “Fine.” He opened the packet and gave you a cigarette. You put it in your mouth and Zayn held the lighter to it. “What happened then?” You took a drag before answering. “He didn’t tell me he was going out with his girl ‘friends’ and he didn’t tell me he was out with his ex. I confronted him and said I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t trust me, he called me a drama queen then I left, told him we were done, and for good this time.” “Oh i’m sorry,” Zayn said pulling you in for a hug. “Thanks Z. It’s so long since we saw each other. What new tattoo’s do you have now?” He chuckled before speaking again. “There’s this,” he said pointing to his left hand where it said Bus 1. “And there’s this,” he said pulling up his t-shirt and turning sideways pointing to his side where it said A Pirates Life For Me. “What about you?” He knew you also liked to have a few tattoos. “I got this,” you said pulling up your top at the back so he could see the writing at the bottom. “What does it mean?” “I’m not sorry for being me.” “I like it.” “Thanks.” “Wanna come up to my room for a bit? We can get junk food and watch movies to cheer you up.” “I’d like that.” You both turned around and started walking towards the elevator to go to Zayn’s room.

Josh walked through the hotel, heartbroken, feeling stupid. How could he have said those things, how could he have let you leave? He didn’t know, he really didn’t but he wanted to give you space so you could think, he knew you would come back. You always did, no matter how many times you said it was over you always came back. After a few hours he decided you had enough time and that he needed to see you. He knew where you would be straight away, with your best friend so he didn’t hesitate in knocking on Zayn’s door. “Hi mate,” Zayn said as soon as he saw Josh. “Hi Zayn. Can I talk to y/n?” “I don’t think she wants to talk to you Josh. You hurt her.” “I know I did, again. I just need to talk to her, tell her how sorry I am.” “I don’t know Josh, she’s pretty upset.” “Please Zayn, just for a few minutes.” “Just a few minutes.” Zayn stepped aside and Josh walked in seeing you on the couch crouched into a ball, crying. “Y/n, i’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything that I said, I was just angry. You’re not a drama queen and I trust you with all my heart. I just didn’t want you knowing because I was getting help picking out a promise ring for you. I wanted it to be a surprise, for our anniversary but I guess it doesn’t matter now. Just know I love you ok.” He started to walk back to the door. “Josh?” He turned around to look at you. “You could have just told me this a few hours ago.” “I know but I thought you didn’t want to be with me.” “Of course I want to be with you, I wouldn’t have stuck with you all this time if I didn’t.” You wrapped your arms around Josh, feeling safe, happy. “I love you y/n.” “I love you too Josh.”


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