One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


2. Harry Styles One Shot Part 2


Your phone had run out of battery and you were still lying in a heap crying your eyes out about something that was your fault. Harry hated you, or so you thought.

Harry landed and as soon as he got in the car he called you. It went straight to voicemail, “This is y/n Styles. Leave a message after the,” and there was a beep. “Y/n, please talk to me. I’m sorry, I do want a family with you. It’s all I want but I want to be there. I want to be part of their lives, please call me or something. I need to hear your voice, I love you.” He hung up and sat back in his seat. “What’s wrong mate?” Louis asked putting his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “She gave me back her ring, thinks I don’t love her. She kicked me out and she won’t even talk to me.” “I’m sure it was just a heat of the moment thing. She loves you, everyone knows it. Just give her time.” “Thanks Louis.” Louis smiled before continuing to text Eleanor.

3 days later you finally got off the couch and charged your phone so you could go out. You had to get over him and move on. As soon as your phone turned on you saw over 10 texts and 20 missed calls mostly from Harry but a few from the other boys. You ignored his texts and checked your voicemail to hear his voice. No matter what you had missed it. After listening to his messages you realized you had been stupid, of course he wanted to be there for when they grew up. You quickly packed a bag and grabbed your things before stepping out of the door. Straight away you were surrounded by paparazzi. “Y/n, Harry was seen wearing both your wedding rings recently, have you broken up?” “Y/n, did you cheat?” “Did you leave him?” “Fuck off! It’s none of your business!” You screamed at them all before pushing through and getting in your car. You pulled up at the airport and went inside. “I need a ticket for your next flight to Miami.” You knew thats where his concert was the next day so there was no point in going to Mexico. “Our next flight is at 2:30 but because this is a last minute purchase there will be an extra charge.” “That’s fine, just put it on this,” you said handing over your credit card. In half an hour you were on your way to Miami to get your husband back.

Harry lay on his back staring at the ceiling in his hotel room. You hadn’t even tweeted or instagramed in days and he was getting worried. You always tweeted and he couldn’t help but feel like it was his fault.

You walked up to the front desk of the hotel. “Hi, i’m looking for Harry Styles’ room.” “I’m sorry but we’re not aloud to give out that information.” “I’m his wife and I need to see him.” “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.” “We’ve had a huge argument and I kicked him out but I realized it was a mistake so please let me see him.” “Room 360, 4th floor,” she whispered so no one else would hear. “Thank you.” You walked towards the elevator but were stopped by some fans. “Is it true that you and Harry broke up?” “No, we had an argument but that’s it.” “Then why aren’t you wearing your ring?” “It was a big argument ok and i’m here to apologize to him so can you please let me past?” “Sorry, I hope you make up. You two are such a great couple.” “Thanks.” You stepped inside the elevator and pressed the button for the 4th floor.

There was a knock on his door and Harry didn’t feel like answering. “Go away,” he shouted. The knocking continued so he finally got up. “I said go away ok.” “Hi,” you said. “Y/n?” “Yeah.” You walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his torso. “I’m sorry Harry. I was so stupid and I should have listened to you before. This isn’t the right time and I don’t want to pressure you into anything.” “You’re not pressuring me into anything. I shouldn’t have left, we could have fixed this at home. I’m sorry.” “You’ve nothing to be sorry for. Can I be your wife again?” “You were always my wife, even before we got married.” He slipped the ring off his own finger and put it on yours again. “I love you,” you whispered. “I love you too.” He kissed you passionately and that was you two back together.

To get rid of the rumors you grabbed your phone and took a picture of the two of you kissing. You tweeted it saying: Does it look like I cheated? #stupidrumors #loveyou @Harry_Styles x
Harry then instgramed the same picture saying: Reunited with my girl. Love you @y/ig/n x

That was you two back together, even after all this time you couldn’t stay away and you finally proved everyone right a month later because you survived being married one year without getting divorced. Marrying Harry was the best decision you ever made, he was your best friend, lover and soulmate. You two were meant to be together.

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