One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


1. Harry Styles One Shot Part 1

Your whole life, thats how long you’d known him for. Your mum’s were friends before you both were born and as you two grew up together you were friends too, always playing outside together. You were the first person he told after he had his first kiss, you were the only person he trusted enough to tell you the whole truth. You both knew everything about each other and now as a 19 year old you are lying on the couch in your shared house after yet another row. You stared at your finger where your wedding ring once was but you threw it back at him, you were fed up with all the rumors, the hate and when you told him you wanted to start a family he had completely different ideas. As you lay there, the time when you two finally decided to get together ran through your mind.

It was a summer vacation with your family and Harry’s family, just like every summer. 13 year old you sat on your bed talking to your best friend on the phone. “Robbie dumped me,” you told her. “I’m sorry y/n. You didn’t like him that much though did you?” “No but I don’t like being dumped. At least Harry’s here and i’m not alone.” “You two just need to get together, everyone thinks you are cute together.” “Do you think I don’t know that already. But he’ll never think about me in that way, i’m just a friend. Besides he’s into Bonnie.” “Believe me he’s not y/n. I see the way he looks at you, he likes you.” “No he doesn’t,” there was a knock on the door and Harry walked in. “You ready to go y/n?” He asked. “Just give me a minute.” He sat down on the bed as you finished your conversation. “He doesn’t like me ok, I have to go but i’ll talk to you later y/fr/n.” “Bye.” You hung up and slipped on your shoes. “Who doesn’t like you?” “It’s no one, he doesn’t feel the same way
so it doesn’t matter.” “Tell me, I tell you everything.” “Harry it doesn’t matter ok so just leave it.” “Please, please, please. I won’t tell anyone!” “It’s you ok!” He stopped in the middle of the hallway and stared at you. “I was right! I never should have said anything,” you said walking away from him. “Y/n!” He shouted running after you. “I do feel the same, I was just scared that you didn’t.” “Y-you do?” “Yep, i’ve liked you for a while.” “Then what do we do?” He didn’t reply but he pressed his lips gently to yours before pulling away and grabbing your hand walking down the hallway. “Will you be my girlfriend y/n?” “Of course I will.” And that was the start of your relationship.

6 years later and your married, although that was probably going to change soon after the fight. No one thought it would last anyway. “Young people never survive the first year of marriage,” they always told you. But you and Harry were determined to prove them wrong. They were right in the end, you shouldn’t have doubted them. It was all your fault, if you hadn’t threw your ring at him and told him to leave none of this would be an issue but you did and now he’s gone, about to go back on a world tour for months.

On the other side of London Harry lay on Ed Sheeran’s couch thinking about what just happened. He stared at your ring in his hands, he does want children with you but it’s not the right time. He’s on a world tour and is going on another tour next year. He doesn’t want to miss all the important parts of your child growing up and he tried to tell you that but of course you didn’t listen and thought he didn’t want you. That was completely wrong, he wants nothing but you, that’s why he married you. But staring at your ring he couldn’t help but feel angry at himself for walking out, leaving when he knew things could have been fixed even if you didn’t want him there. He’s normally stubborn and will never leave during a fight no matter how many times you tell him to. But he knew there was no going back this time, he broke your heart and that’s something he never wanted to do. He slipped your ring on his finger along with his own as he drifted off to sleep, hoping it was all in his imagination.

But when Harry woke up the next morning on Ed’s sofa alone he knew everything had happened. He checked his phone for any sign of you but there was only texts from Liam and Niall asking where he was and when he was going to be at the airport. He realized his flight was leaving in an hour and jumped off the couch. He quickly ate a bowl of cereal and grabbed his bag before walking out of the house. He got in his Range Rover and drove to the airport hoping you would show up. He parked and as he walked through the fans apologizing for not stopping as he would be late he texted you: Please talk to me y/n. I love you and I hate it when we fight. I’ll call you when I land x
He slipped his phone back in his pocket and walked through the airport to find the boys.

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