One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


15. Calum Hood One Shot



(Y/bf/n -your best friends name)

'I miss you :( x' you read from your phone. It was a message from your boyfriend Calum, he was on tour in America and it had been hard for you both. 'I miss you too :( x' you replied. 'I wish you could come see me :( x' 'Me too but you know I have to stay here to help y/bf/n. She's due soon x' 'But she has all of her family to help her :( x' 'But she wants me to be with her when she has the baby. If it was me I would want her with me too Cal. It's only a few mire weeks until we see each other anyway x' 'I know that. I've been counting down since we last saw each other x' 'I'm sorry. You know how much she means to me x' 'Yeah. Wanna skype for a bit?x' 'Ok. I'll just put on my laptop x' 'Same :) x'

You turned on your laptop and opened up skype, you quickly logged in and saw that Calum was already online, no sooner than you saw his status there was a call on your screen. You accepted and Calum appeared on your screen. “Hi y/n,” he said waving at you. “Hi Calum,” you replied waving back. “It’s been so long since i’ve seen your face. You look beautiful.” “Thanks. How have you been?” “It’s been lonely without you around but the shows have been amazing…” You let Calum ramble on about each show and all the things they did in all the cities and it made you smile, seeing him so happy and doing what he loves with his best friends. “But how have you been?” He asked after what felt like hours. “It’s been pretty boring without you but y/bf/n has been keeping me busy. She’s due next week and she just wants to get it out of her…” Calum let you ramble on about life back home and when you finally finished you looked at the screen, smiling at him. “I miss you boo,” he said after a few minutes silence. “I miss you too but it’s only a few weeks until we see each other again.” “I know but it’s just, I feel empty with you not around.” “Aww, Calum that’s so sweet.” “But it’s the truth.” “We’ve got to go Calum,” Luke said as he poked his head in the door. “Oh hey y/n.” “Hey Luke. You better be looking after him.” “Don’t worry, I am. He keeps crawling into my bed at night for a cuddle because he misses you so much. He never stops talking about you.” “Really Cal?” You asked. He blushed a little but nodded his head. “I’ll see you soon y/n but Calum we’ve got to go.” “Ok, just give me a minute.” “Alright, bye y/n.” “Bye Luke.” “I guess that’s it then. I’m sorry boo,” Calum said. “It’s ok Cal, go make me proud,” you said smiling at him. “I love you,” he said kissing his fingertips and pressing them against the screen. You opened your mouth to reply but the screen was already black, he was gone. You quickly grabbed your phone and texted him. ‘I love you too x’

After a few hours you got a text from Calum. ‘How are you now?x’ ‘Just ok. Kinda bored. How are you?x’ ‘Same :/ x’ ‘I wish you were here x’ ‘Then turn around!:) x’ You were confused but turned around anyway. “Calum!” You shouted running into his arms. “What are you doing here? I thought you were in America!” “I was, two days ago but I flew home and wanted to surprise you.” “But how? Don’t you have shows?” “Yeah but we have days off in between so I came home to see you and to take you back with me.” “But what about y/bf/n?” “I was talking to her mum earlier, they think she’s going to have the baby today. She’s been having cramps all day.” “Why didn’t anyone tell me?” “Because they didn’t want to worry you. Look, I came home for you, so you could come to America with me so do you want to come or not?” “Of course I do but I need to get to y/bf/n ‘s house.” “I’ll drive you, but do me a favor first?” “What?” “Kiss me, it has been about two months since we last saw each other!” You pressed your lips to his and when you pulled apart hugged him. “It’s so good to see you Calum but y/bf/n ‘s water just broke,” you replied looking at your phone. “Come on, lets go to the hospital.” He took your hand and you walked outside to the car so you could finally see your godson or goddaughter.

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