One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


36. Ashton Irwin One Shot


"You will stay in touch won’t you?" Ashton asked as he hugged y/n.
“Of course I will. As long as you do.” She replied.
“Of course I will stay in touch. I’ll miss you too much not to.” He said.
“Y/n come on. We’re going to miss the flight.” Your mum shouted from the car.
“Bye Ashton. I’ll miss you.” She said.
“Bye y/n.” He said and waved as she got in the car.
That was the last he saw or heard from y/n, his best friend but that was when they were 14. Now they are 19 and things are different.

"You got to Australia safe?" Her mum asked her on the phone.
“Yes I got here safe mum. I’m 19 not 9, I can take care of myself.” Y/n said.
“I know that. I just can’t believe you moved so far away.” Her mum said.
“You know that I always preferred Australia over LA.” She replied.
“You always did. Talk to you soon sweetie. I love you.” Her mum said.
“Love you too mum.” Y/n said and hung up.
She was back in Australia, back where she belonged.

It had been two months since she moved back and y/n was going out with her cousins. All her family still lived here so she knew people. They arrived at a club and went in. Y/n went up to the bar and ordered a drink. A boy came and stood beside her.
“Two bottles of Budweiser please.” He said to the barman.
Even over the loud music y/n would recognise that voice anywhere.
“Ashton?! Is that you?!” She asked.
“Y/n?!” He asked.
“Yeah. How have you been?” She asked.
“Why didn’t you stay in touch?” He asked her.
“What?!” She shouted.
“Why didn’t you stay in touch?!” Ashton asked again.
“I can’t hear you! Do you want to go somewhere quieter to talk?!” She asked.
“Yeah! Wait here and I will come back for you!” He shouted and walked off with his drinks.

"I’ll be back later Luke." Ashton said to his friend as he handed him his beer.
“Where are you going?” Luke asked.
“I saw an old friend. We’re going for a chat.” He said.
“Alright. Cheers for the beer mate.” Luke said.
Ashton just nodded his head and walked back to the bar. As she said she would be, y/n was stood at the bar.
“Follow me!” Ashton shouted.
Y/n grabbed her drink and did as he said. They walked out the door and stood outside.
“It’s so good to see you Ashton.” Y/n said.
“Why didn’t you stay in touch?” He asked.
“You didn’t stay in touch either.” She said.
“I tried but you never answered my emails or Facebook messages.” Ashton said.
“I never got any emails or Facebook messages from you.” Y/n said.
“Well I sent them. So many, I waited so long for replies but eventually I gave up.” He said.
“I swear I never got them Ash. I thought you didn’t want to talk to me. You know I would never push you out intentionally.” Y/n said.
“Yeah you wouldn’t. When did you come back to Australia?” Ashton asked.
“About two months ago.” She replied.
“You should have called me or texted. We could have met up.” He said.
“I thought you would have a new number what with you being famous and all now.” She said.
“You know about the band?” He questioned.
“Yeah, I heard you supported One Direction.” She said.
“We did. It was great, they are great guys.” He said.
“You were in LA recently too. Why didn’t you come see me?” She asked.
“I thought you didn’t want to see me.” He said.
“I always wanted to see you Ash. You were my best friend.” She said.

"This isn’t what normal best friends do." Y/n breathed as Ashton pushed her against the wall, sucking on her neck.
He didn’t say anything, he just hummed and continued sucking on her neck. He pulled her top over her head and kissed her. Maybe it was the alcohol in her system or maybe it was because he had become extremely good looking but y/n couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Three months later and it was still going on. Not a relationship, friends with benefits you could call it but it seemed more like when one of them wanted it the other just agreed. Y/n had gradually started to fall for Ashton but knew she couldn’t tell him. Their relationship had already been ruined once, she didn’t want to ruin it again. Y/n didn’t know it but Ashton had gradually started to fall for her too. She had him in a trance, he wouldn’t look at any other girl, it was only you.

'Come over. I want you ;)' 
The message displayed on Ashton’s phone. He looked at it and smiled.
‘Be there in 10. Be on the bed for when I get there ;)’
He pressed send and put his phone in his pocket.
“I’ve gotta go guys. Sorry.” Ashton said to his band mates as he got up.
“Ohh. Ashton’s booty call once again.” Calum said.
“Shut up Cal.” Ashton mumbled.
“When are we gonna find out who she is?” Luke asked.
“Never. You guys would embarrass her too much.” He said.
“So we’ve met her?” Michael questioned.
“Yes.” Ashton said. “Just let me go. It’s not to see her anyway.” He said as he walked to the door.

Y/n was on the bed like he had asked when he arrived. That was all he needed to get off to a good start.

"The boys want to meet you." Ashton said as he lay beside her on the bed.
“They’ve already met me Ash.” She said.
“They want to meet my and this is their words ‘booty call’.” Ashton said.
“They know about us?” She questioned.
“They don’t know it’s you. They know I’m sleeping with someone though.” He replied.
“Why are we doing this?” Y/n asked him.
“Because we don’t want the strings of a relationship.” He said.
Y/n sighed and looked at him. “Maybe I do Ash. I wan- I want to be with you.” Y/n said.
“What?” He questioned.
“I want to be with you.” She said more confidently.
“I want to be with you too y/n.” Ashton admitted.
“You should have told me.” Y/n said.
“You should have told me.” Ashton retaliated.
“I was scared you wouldn’t want it.” She admitted.
“Me too, but now everything is out in the open.” Ashton said grabbing y/n’s hand. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asked.
“Of course I would.” She replied.
Ashton leaned in and kissed her.

Maybe relationships could be fixed, they thought the other didn’t want to talk to them and they ended up together. Best friends, they were the lucky ones because for once the people in a relationship were best friends and together. For once they weren’t going to drift apart from one another and for once, they were both happy.

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