One Shots

One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer one shots. I write them and post them on my tumblr:


43. Ashton Irwin Drabble


You had not only broken his heart but your own too. You left him claiming that you couldn’t deal with him being away, which you couldn’t but leaving him was even harder to deal with. Finally after five months you had started to move on, forget about him. That was until you walked into that coffee shop. You froze when you saw him, he was there and there was a girl with him. He looked happy, genuinely happy. For a moment you were jealous because you thought he loved you, he was so upset when you left but you came to the realisation that he had moved on, just like you. But you hadn’t really moved on, you just thought you had. Seeing him, with someone else brought all your feelings and all your heartache right back. He was with someone else and there was nothing you could do about it. Ashton was still heartbroken, he had been moping about for months and Calum had finally forced him to go out. That was when he met her, she called him the next day asking if he wanted to go out. He only agreed because Calum made him. He didn’t want to go out with her, because she wasn’t you but Ashton knew he had to move on sometime. She was nice, she really was and he had a good time with her but all he could think about was you. And then he saw you, standing at the back of the queue to get some coffee. He knew you wouldn’t really get coffee, hot chocolate was always your order in every coffee shop. He didn’t approach you though, because you had left him, you didn’t want to be with him. So he stood with this girl that wasn’t you and you walked away after getting your drink because you both knew that the other was gone for good. You would never get each other back.

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