You found me

Liam and Shae have been best friends since kindergarten. When Liam was sixteen Shae convinced him the try out for The X-Factor. Soon he is formed into a band called OneDirection. What happens when One Direction visits Liam's old school and be becomes the school choir teachers. Will liam remember Shae?


1. Introduction


Beep Beep Beep! I groaned loudly as I smacked my alarm clock to the floor. I sat up and walked to my closet and picked out I blue tank top with a  white cardigan. I picked out a pair of  high waisted shorts. I straightened my messy hair and left for the bus stop without time to eat. 

I sat in the back of the bus as usual, waiting for my friends Katie and Natalie. Once they got on, we started talking. "Hey Shae!" Katie said, "yah?" I replied. " I heard Brad likes you!" Natalie shouted excitedly. "Really?" I asked excitedly. Brad has been my crush since Jr. High. Nothing could take away my happiness. At least that's what I thought.

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