You found me

Liam and Shae have been best friends since kindergarten. When Liam was sixteen Shae convinced him the try out for The X-Factor. Soon he is formed into a band called OneDirection. What happens when One Direction visits Liam's old school and be becomes the school choir teachers. Will liam remember Shae?


2. Choir

I headed to my first period, choir. 

*flashback to Friday*
"Okay class this is going to be my last day, as you all know someone very special is going to take my place. I'm going to leave it as a surprise for you." Mrs. Calvin explained. 
*end of flashback* 

I walked inside the choir classroom and sat in my usual chair next to my friend Melissa. Soon enough class started and the new teachers walked in. I froze,  as One Direction stood there. My  jaw dropped, as Liam Payne, the one who left me without a goodbye, walked into the room. 'He looks so different. I wonder if he recognizes me?' I wondered. I was snapped out my trance when they started to speak. 

"We are going to take attendance," Liam said.  
I listened until my name was called,
I froze when he said my name,
"Shae??" Liam repeated
"Oh.... Uh.. Here!" I exclaimed. Embarrassing! 

"Ok, now that we have finished attendance, we are going to have each of you sing for us in private,  to test you on what you need to work on." Niall exclaimed. 
I waited in the classroom singing to myself, practicing until my name was called. I stood up and walked into the hall to where they were all sitting. 

"What are you going to sing for us?" Zayn asked.
"I'm going to be singing 'You Found Me by The Fray." I stated,
"That's my favorite song!" Liam exclaimed. 
"Mine too," I said. Already knowing that. Liam and I went to their concert together. Why doesn't he remember?
"You can begin any time." Harry stated
I began to sing, in my opinion I wasn't that good. 
When I finished singing all the boys were staring at me with wide eyes.
'I knew I wasn't that good,' I thought. 
They stayed like that for a while, and my eyes started watering because, I knew what they were going to say, I was terrible.

"What's wrong love?" Louis asked.
"Was i really that bad?" I asked.

(Liam's POV) 

"Was I really that bad?" I heard Shae's shaky voice say.
"Not at all! You were amazing!" Zayn said.
"Thanks! Is there anything I need to work on?" Shae asked.
"Absolutely not, your amazing! I'm sorry love, but what is your name again?" I asked.
 She started tearing up and she ran into the bathroom, I have no idea why.
"I will be right back guys I'm going to go check on her," I said

(Shae's POV)
I ran into the bathroom crying my eyes out. Then I heard Liam voice say, "Shae?" I didn't answer. "Shae?" Liam said again even louder. I didn't reply, then I heard Liam come into the bathroom and say, "Shae I know your in here!" I didn't reply I was trying be as quiet as i could. "Shae, I know your in here I can hear you crying! Please come out love," Liam said. I got up and walked out of the stall and looked at Liam, my eyes were red and puffy. 
"What's wrong love?" Liam asked. 

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