The Trip That Started It All

Carson and Addison just graduated high school and were taking a trip to London, England. When the find a friend and go to a party will the guys they met change their life and get them to move to London to stay?


5. Telling Our Family

Carson's P.O.V.

I woke up to an empty bed. I got up and looked in the bathroom to see if I could fine him, but he wasn't there. Did he just tired of me this fast? "Harry?" No answer, so I went down stairs to find Harry, Addie, and Niall in the kitchen. "What's going on?" "Good morning to you too" Niall said with a sarcastic tone. "Addie and Niall just got up, and I was cooking breakfast. Are you hungry babe?" I nodded my head and walked or to Harry and gave him a hug, then sat down with Niall and Addie. "You know we have to tell our parents." "I know Addie but they knew we were coming out her to hopefully met Harry and Niall." Niall and Harry both looked at us with a shocked look. "You mean to say the you came all the way to London just to "hopefully" met us?" We nodded our heads at the same time. "Well that and to see how beautiful London was." Addie said with a smile. "That make us stalkers?" I asked "Well yeah but cute ones." "Awe thanks Niall." He smiled at me then went back to his phone. "So Carson how do we tell them?" I shrugged my shoulders. "I guess today. We have to call them anyway." "THE FOOD IS DONE!!" Harry yelled it like we were all upstairs. "Um Haz we are right here no need to yell." He looked at me and smiled so big that you could see his dimples. I smiled back and he brought the food out to us. After we ate we watched 5 movies then around 3 in the afternoon Niall and Harry got a call from Liam saying they had to be at the studio. After they left we decided to call our parents. "Yours first Carson." So I got my phone out and called my mom. "Hey mom what are you doing?" "Well your dad and I were planning on going down to the boardwalk." We lived right there on the beach to it wasn't that far from the house to the boardwalk. "Oh, that sounds like fun. Um mom I need to tell you something." "Okay darling what is it?" "Well you know how we came to London to find Harry and Niall?" "Yeah Carson I do just say what you have to say." "Okay well we found them and now we're moving in with them." It was quite for about a minute. "Well I guess if that's what you want to do and as long I at least get to see you." "You will. I will come down at least 5 times a year." "Okay Hun that's fine with me. Just be careful and stay out of trouble. I love you." "I love you to mom." With that we hung up. I handed my phone to Addie "Your next." She got the phone and called her mom. "Hey Carson why are you calling is there something wrong with Addie?" "No mom it's me Addie." "Oh well is there something wrong with your phone?" "No mom. look I need to tell you something. So you know how we came here looking for Niall and Harry? Yeah well we found them and now we're moving in with them." "Okay well as long as your happy, and I get to see you I'm fine with it. I mean I don't have a choice your 18 now you can do what you want." "Okay I love you mom and Thanks." "Love you to" I looked at Addie and we both smiled and jumped up and down. In came Harry and Niall and we both ran up to them and hugged them. "Did you call you mum's?" "Yeah" we both said together. "Well?" Again together we said "We can stay." "Let's go out and celebrate." Harry said. We all agreed and got ready.

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