I knew he didn't love me. You could see it in his eyes. Being me, well of course he only wanted me because of my inheritance. He killed me, and I'll never forgive him. Money, that was all he wanted.

*I have changed the ages for characters, such as Lottie Tomlinson*


2. The Rain

Looking outside, rain started to pour down. Exactly how I feel, I thought to myself. I wish my mum was still around. When I was younger, there was no one I could turn to for advice. I don't see much of my family, they all live in Scotland. I moved to London when I was 8. London isn't that bad, I guess. It took a while to get used to the noise. Scotland was quiet. I look at the time, 8:30. Best to start on the homework, only a month and then I'm completely finished with High School! I looked at the title for my RE essay "Why was Martin Luther King special?", We did this in Year 7, don't even know why they bother. I begin to jot down ideas, for my rough version. Where to start? My mother knew all of this, my father told me. Straight A's in all of her GCSE's. Just like me.. If only I knew where my mother was, at least. My dad rarely talks about her, whenever I do ask he just goes all silent. When I was 9, my dad showed me a picture of her. It was a gorgeous picture, of her laughing. Her blonde hair getting curly at the ends, her green eyes, the same as mine. I have my mum's facial features, but my dad's hair colour. My mum is called Sophie. She was 24 when she had me. My dad was 26, working as a car mechanic. He would discover the use of a better fire alarm than the current one in a few years time.
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