I knew he didn't love me. You could see it in his eyes. Being me, well of course he only wanted me because of my inheritance. He killed me, and I'll never forgive him. Money, that was all he wanted.

*I have changed the ages for characters, such as Lottie Tomlinson*


5. A New Day, A New Start

It was cool starting sixth form today, but it sucks how we still have to wear uniform. The only difference between ours and the rest of the schools is because ours is black and purple. Me and Lottie both went to the Sixth Formers room and I have to tell you, it isn't that bad. There's a huge flat screen TV, music players and everything! Even a kitchen! There were no new kids, as I expected. Everyone just stayed together, like the same friendship groups as before. No big difference, apart from some people chose to go to a college rather than stay on at our school.



Wouldn't blame them, to be honest but my dad forced me to stay as it is such a "posh" and expensive school. Still, Lottie and I had a huge laugh getting used to our new timetables. I guess it's different now, because we are going to be off to university soon. We're both going to Manchester University, because it looks like a brilliant place to go and study. We walked home together and I went to my house and got changed. I wore my Nirvana merchandise shirt and some blue skinnies. Nothing different to what I usually wear. It's time to walk my baby Chihuahua, Binky. Don't ask why I called her that. I randomly said Binky (not to her face, I was on the phone to Lottie) and that's all she answers to nowadays.


She's only one, bless her! We go for a walk in the fields behind our house, and we head to the local park. I plug my earphones on and Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon comes on. They are my favourite band, Oliver is such a brilliant singer! We walk for about half an hour before we finally get there. I sit down for a second, and I hold Binky's lead a bit looser than I was before. She manages to pull the lead from my hand, and then runs off in less than a second.

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