My Little Thing

*Sequal to Adopted* when anna has her baby its born dead she rans away and doesnt talk to anyone any more, but what happens when Zany comes looking for Anna. Will Anna go back with zany or will she only go back to living life with a certain blue eyed irish boy?


1. Sammy

"Ok do you have everything?" "Yes but can we go kinda in labor here", yes that right im having my baby I decided name her Sammy. zany hasn't been around which is good I saw him only  8 months ago at sammys funeral me and him talked he wanted to be apart of the babys life I told me it was fine but Louis is still mad at him I told him to not come around to often. so now we decided when the baby turns 2 she will start going to zayns on the weekends and she would be with me during the week. lou helped me in the car and he drove to the hospital while harry and niall was in the back holding my hand and liam was in the front. when we got to the hospital I told lou to call zayn he didnt look happy but i want zayn here for the babys birth. i was wheeled into the back and 5 minets later zayn was by my side, "hey you ok" "not really im kinda in labor here". the docters came in and it was time to deliver my baby.

Louis P.O.V:

i sat in the waiting room with the boys, niall was next to me and i guess he saw how worried i was. "she'll be alright lou" "i know but what if she cant ake care of the baby". he didnt say anything great now other people are starting to doute it to, i sat here until the docter came into the lobby 8 hours later. "how is she" he looked into my eyes and it didnt look good

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