How the Magic Was Taken Away

People say magic is just in stories but not Karla's family. Karla a 16 girl has magic. She's a healer.A real healer one who just has to touch someone and their healed. But when Karla heals she takes IN what she heals. Oh one more thing magic is outlawed. The punishment is death.


1. Childhood

 It was a cold night for 4 year old Karla. "DOWN WITH MAGIC!" someone yelled.  They had torches lit with fire. Some had pitchforks and some had guns. BANG BANG!!!!!!!!


    I woke up to someone shaking me."Karla please calm down it was just a dream,"mama said."No it wasn't", I thought," it was the night when magic was outlawed and the townsfolk went to door to door killing magic wielders." Mama left so I got out of bed and I took a shower.When I got out I couldn't find my clothes! Peter. I thought, he's always making trouble. "Karla hurry up or your be late!" Papa yelled. "OK!"I yelled back. I hurried up and dried myself off and put on black see-though shirt with a pink tank-top under it. I brushed my long black hair.Next I put on my light blue skinny jeans. Then I put it up into a ponytail with just a little bit of hair hanging out on both sides.I grabbed my sneakers(yes I loooovvveeeee my sneakers so get over it) and my leather jacket and ran downstairs. "Don't forget your backpack Karla dear"mom said. So I took my backpack out of mom's hands and I ran to the bus stop.When the bus came I hoped on and took a seat in the back and took out my iPod and listened to it the whole way to school.But suddenly the bus stopped!....

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