The problems

Taylo swift is a vampire and if she turns harry he'll fall in love with her but if he falls i love with another human he can't fall in love with taylor.


1. Taylor

Harrys pov

i was walking to my house from school and it was winter and taylor was in front of me i the started walking the opposite of her she was in front of me again she started saying stuff like come back with me i want you please comeback with me i ran to my house and locked it

couple minutes later***

i heard a knock on the door i came down the stairs quietly and l looked out the window to see who it was a girl with curly hair and brown/black eyes i slowly opened the door and she said hi my name is Arianna i just moved in and I'm just introducing myself to my neighbors and i live alone.she put her hand out so that i can shake it i sighed and shook it.i said you can come in.she said thanks its cold i said i would be back i came into the kitchen and made hot chocolate i came back to the living room and gave it to her.she took it and said thanks again.when she was done with her chocolate she asked if we could watch a movie.i nodded my head and got a movie from my room it was comedy i put it in the tv and sat on the couch with the middle of the movie i felt her touch my hand they were soft and warm.

ariannas pov

i was sitting on the couch with harry and i was stretching but harry didn't notice i flopped my hand down and it landed on harry oops! I kept it on there that's when I found myself kissing him!

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