The problems

Taylo swift is a vampire and if she turns harry he'll fall in love with her but if he falls i love with another human he can't fall in love with taylor.


2. Danger!

Ariannas pov

i kept kissing him and put my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist he pushed me on the door and kept kissing me and then i pushed him to the wall and the door opened i stopped kissing him and turned to see who it is there was this girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.she grabbed menu the shirt lifted me up and pushed me to the other wall that had glass.there was blood everywhere even on my neck!her eyes turned red and she was heading towards me and then she licked the blood on my neck and then harry hit her with the pan she fell down she got up and pushed harry to the wall and got close to his neck and bit him and kept on sucking his blood~~~~(if she bites him he won't turn only when she gives him her blood and kills him)she stopped and harry fell to the floor still alive and then she came up to me and pushed me to the wall and bit my neck i screamed from the pain she was still drinking and then she stopped and licked the blood from my chest and then my neck and then my cheek and then she but my arm i whimpered she stopped and licked my arms and then bit the other side of my neck i screamed she stopped and then came up to harry and said ill turn you later she then disappeared i came up to harry and lifted him up and put him on the couch and gave him some water from the kitchen he was still a little weak but strong enough to stand up and walk around he put his hand on my neck where the girl bit me i whimpered he said sorry and let go and theni blacked out.


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