Out of Reach

Ariana Cole was just a normal fan at a 5sos concert untill Ashton's drum stick flew out of his hand and she caught it with her head.


1. Characters

Ariana Cole - Ari

Age - 18

Hair - Brown and Ginger (more brown), Blue/green dye

Eyes - Blue and Green

Personality - Can be shy at times, Loud, bubbly, Random, Sassy at times.

Likes - Drawing, singing, reading, writing, food(nutella) Bones (T.V. show), Blue and Green. 5sos, 1d, Paramore, Bvb, other artists,and Creepy pasta!


Cheyenne Blaire - Chy

Age - 17

Hair - Light Brown

Eyes - Hazel (i think)

Personality - Same as Ari 

Like - singing, reading, Purple, 5sos, 1d, other artists, and food (burgers).


Blake Cole - Ari's Twin

Age - 18 

Hair - Ginger and Brown (more ginger)

Eyes - Blue and Green

Personality - Shy, smart, quiet, (basicly the oposite of his twin sis.)

Like - School, reading, 1d (GUY DIRECTIONER!) 5sos, and red

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