Out of Reach

Ariana Cole was just a normal fan at a 5sos concert untill Ashton's drum stick flew out of his hand and she caught it with her head.


2. A concert

So Chy, Blake and I bought tickets to a 5sos concert. We were in the middle of the crowd just standing there waiting for the guys to come on stage. They came out and you could here all the crazy fangirls, including Chy, screming there heads off. Blake and i just rolled our eyes and looked up at the guys. Yeah we were big fans but we weren't as crazy as some of them. They played a bunch of songs and when they played Try Hard I basically just fangirled my heart out. Right after they played Heartbreak Girl, the last song for the night, they called up the three luck winning seats. They apparently had been doing a contest to spend a few months on your with the guys.

"The row is, Row 10." Calum said

All of the people in the row screamed and I turned to Chy to se her staring at me.

"Ari... We're Row 10!!!"

"Seats, 45, 46, and 47!" Luke yelled.

"OH MY GOSH ARI BLAKE WE JUST WON!" Her screams almost broke through my ear drums.

A few security guards walked us up to the stage and I looked out to see how many people there really were and how lucky we were. The guys greeted us ad took us back stage to talk and for them to get to know us.

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