Together Forever

What happens when Faith and four of her friends go to a One Direction concert with backstage passes with the hope that Harry and her would fall in love. Will it happen of will it all be in her dreams?


4. The Teen Choice Awards

Faith's P.O.V.

I had gotten off the phone with Ally and got in the shower and went to bed. When I got up it was Sunday morning. My phone was going off so I looked at it and I had a text message from Harry

From Harry:

Good morning love. How did you sleep?

I couldn't help but smile

To Harry:

I slept very good and you?

I put my phone down and went downstairs to get some food. When I got to the kitchen my mom was there. "Good morning Faith. How was your date with Harry?" "It was the best date ever." "That's good." I made some toast and went back to my room. I looked at my phone

From Harry:

I slept just fine. I couldn't stop thinking about you though.

I started to blush and I could see his smile

To Harry:

I couldn't stop thinking about you ether. ;)

I decided to text Ally. Tonight was the teen choice awards. Ally and I planed to watch them together.

To Ally:

Hey babe. We still watching the TCA's tonight?

It didn't take long for her to text back.

From Ally:

Hell yeah I have to see Niall!!

Ally loved Niall. I guess I will have to talk to Harry about that. I got dressed and started to my car. I didn't get up until 12:30 so it was now 2:30. Wow time flies. I turned on the radio and Best Song Ever came on I turned it up and started singing at the top of my lungs. I love that sang and I love Harry. I pulled up to Ally's house hocked the horn and her comes Ally. We are going shopping since tomorrow is our last first day of high school. Then we are off to London. "So Ally where to first?" "Ummmm lest go to the forever 21." I nodded my head. We had been shopping for over 4 hours. Ally looked at her phone. "Faith we got to go it's 7:30" We ran to my car and I drove to Ally's house because it was closer. We turned on the T.V. and One Direction started singing. "OMG look at Niall." "Niall, look at Harry." Harry hasn't asked me to be his girl friend yet so I really can't say he is mine. They won 4 awards. "Before we go, Faith Marie Rose if you watching I would like to know if you would be my girlfriend." Ally looked at me and I started crying. They walked off and my phone started to ring. "Hello." "Hey Faith are you watching the TCA's?" A husky British accent asked. "Yeah I am." "So will you be my girl friend?" "I... um... Yeah." "Okay great." I will be at your house when this is over and I can get out." And with we hung up. "Ally I have a boyfriend." "Faith not just any boyfriend The Harry Styles." The TCA's were almost over than Harry started twerking. "OMG He can come and do that for me." "Faith that's gross." I texted Harry.

To Harry:

Nice twerking ;)

From Harry:

You saw that? And thanks see you in a bit love :) Xx

They were over and I drove to my house when I got there I found Harry standing at my door with flowers. "Harry?" He turned around and smiled. "I got you some flowers." "I see that." I smiled and asked him to come in. "I really need to get to sleep Harry I have school tomorrow." "Okay, but can I come and pick you up after?" I nodded my head gave him a hug. We just stared into each others eyes' until he leaned in and kissed me.  

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