Together Forever

What happens when Faith and four of her friends go to a One Direction concert with backstage passes with the hope that Harry and her would fall in love. Will it happen of will it all be in her dreams?


2. The Call

When we got into the car Ally, Addie, Carson, and Emily all looked at me. "What does it say?" That was Ally. I opened it up and all it said was a number. "It's just a number." "Well what are you waiting for? Call it." That was Carson, she was always the brave one of us all. I got my phone out and put the number in and pressed the green button. Someone with a deep voice answered. "Um yeah who is this?" The was Carson of course. "Harry Styles. Who is this?" A big smiled came on all of our faces. "This is Ally, Faith, Carson, Emily, and Addie. But this is Faith's phone. You gave her a piece of paper with this number." "Oh yeah the really beautiful girl that I sang to." I started to blush a little. "Anyway I was wondering if she would like to go on a date sometime?" They all looked at me and I nodded my head yes. "She would love to." "Great where do I pick her up at?" "Where the concert was go 5 miles past it turn right then 6th house on the right." "Okay thanks see you tomorrow around 1." We hung up the phone and stared to scream.

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