Life as Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards adopted daughter!!:)

Zayn and Perrie adopts Amelia. She is 13 years old. She has been in the orphan since she was 2 years old. Her mom and dad abonded her and she dont remember anything from her life before she came to the orphan. What will Amelia think about the fact that her new parent apparently is world famous and that they have lots and lots af fans? What will she do about the hate? Will she let it get to her or is she strong enough to block it out? She has an eating disorder, but Zayn and Perrie dont know...yet.

Read to find out!!:)

See ya!!

I am from Denmark, so please bear with me if there are some errors :)


2. Chapter 2

Amelia's POV:


I am driving home with my new parents. I am happy that I am getting adopted, but then again a little afraid. My parents left me when I was 2 and I don't remember anything from my life before I came to the orphan. I just cant wait to start a new life with Perrie and Zayn. I love their music and I am sure they are great people, and they are going to be great parents.

We stop in front of a big house and when I say big i mean BIG! Like OMG!! I cant wait to get Inside. 

"Wow this house is huge!" I exclaim, but blushes because as they both chuckles at me.

"Let us show you you're room" Mom says and her and dad show me my new room.

My room is amazing it has purple walls, big king sized bed, walk-in-closet and I have my own bathroom. I run into their arms and hug them.

"Thank you so much! This is beautiful" I say and smile at them.

"Your welcome sweetheart, you can unpack and we will wait downstairs with food" Mom says and they both leaves. I smile to my self as I begin to unpack.

When I am done, I walk downstairs and see them in the living room. 

"Hey baby, we ordered Pizza, come eat with us" Dad says and I smile at them. I sit beside dad on the couch and mom is one the other side of dad. 

"I know that the orphan owner told you about my eating problem, but I will try and eat from now on" I say and smile at them.

"We are very to happy to hear that" Mom says and smiles. We eat the food and talks together.

When we are done eating we watch TV for a while. Then moms phone rings and she takes and turn it on speaker.


(Conversation P: Perrie and L: Leigh-Ann)


P: Hello

L: Hey its me L.

P:Hey L, how are you?

L: Im good, you?

P:Im good thanks

L: Okay, we were wondering if we could come and hangout?.


Mom looks at dad and he nods and takes his phone out too.


P:Yes of course, we actually have something to tell you, so the boys are coming too.

L:Awesome, see ya!

P: See ya.


"Well I guess you are gonna meet the boys and girls tonight, is it okay with you?" Mom asks me.

"Yes of course I cant wait to meet them" I say and smile. I give her a hug and stay in her arms. I suddenly yawns a feel tired.

"Awww is my baby tired? you can take a little nap on the couch" Mom says and I smile and nod. I cuddle with mom on the couch, she is watching the telly. I soon feel my self fall asleep.



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