Life as Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards adopted daughter!!:)

Zayn and Perrie adopts Amelia. She is 13 years old. She has been in the orphan since she was 2 years old. Her mom and dad abonded her and she dont remember anything from her life before she came to the orphan. What will Amelia think about the fact that her new parent apparently is world famous and that they have lots and lots af fans? What will she do about the hate? Will she let it get to her or is she strong enough to block it out? She has an eating disorder, but Zayn and Perrie dont know...yet.

Read to find out!!:)

See ya!!

I am from Denmark, so please bear with me if there are some errors :)


1. Chapter 1

Perries POV:


Today me and my boyfriend Zayn are adopting a child. We already talked to the orphan owner and we are adopting a really nice girl named Amelia. The boys and girls don't know that we are adopting yet. 

"ZAYN!" I called out as we are late and he is taking too much time in the bathroom. 


"COMING" he yelled back. I walk to the front door and see him coming down the stairs. I smile at him as he grabs his car keys and peck my lips. The drive is silent as we are both very excitet to meet Amelia. 


"She is 13 right?" Zayn asks as his eyes are focusing on the road.

"Yep" I say popping the 'P', "I cant wait to meet her, I just hope she likes us" I continues as we drive into the parking lot of the orphan. 

"I am sure she will like us and you will be the best momma in the world" He says to me as he kisses my lips passionately. 

"And you are going to be a great Pappa" I say to him as we both pulled away from the kiss and smiles. I walk out from the car and grab Zayns hand as be walk together into the orphan. 

We walk up to lady and she looks up at us and smiles.

"Hello we are here for Amelia" I say smiling.

"Hello there, well she is upstairs right now, do you want to meet her know and then sign the papers or sign the papers and then meet her?" she says with and sweet voice smiling.

"We can just sign the papers know and then go meet her." Zayn says and I nod agreeing. 

"Okay then sign here, here, here and here" she says showing us the places to sign. "Amelia has a little problem with eating but its nothing big. Try and see if you can get her to eat a little" she says and we both nod and make a note that we should try to get her to eat.

When we are done she lead us to a door and she nods one the door.

"Amelia" she says calm.

"What?" the girl from the other side of the door says.

"Someone is here to adopt you, can I let them in?" she says smiling.

"Yea sure" Who I guess is Amelia answers.

We open the door and on the bed is sitting a girl with long beautiful braun hair. She has brown eyes and are smiling at us. "Hi sweety my name is Perrie and this is my boyfriend Zayn. We are now your parents. You can call us mom and dad or Perrie and Zayn." I say smiling at her.

"Hi I am Amelia, I know you, you are the famous Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. I would love to call you mom and dad." She says smiling.

"Well do you need help packing?" Zayn asks her smiling. 

"Yes that would be great, thank you" she says as she finds her suitcase and we begins to pack her clothes and her belongings. 


When we are done packing we go to the car and drive home.


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