Shattered Dreams (NIALL HORAN FANFIC)

Every one thought that Niall had a perfect life until he fell in love with someone. This lead to the end of his life. 3 years have passed by since that day. What happens now when one of his old band mates find his journal and unleash it's secrets to the world. You'll have to read and find out.


3. Reading the journal

Liam pov:

As soon as I said that I soon began getting this feeling and my body was working on its own leading me up the stairs. I began protesting against it in my mind. But the only thing I heard was Niall's voice say  "I know you want to. Now do it". And I did it. I read the journal of my dead best friend. I decided to just read only one entry everyday.

Dear Diary,  

Today I began falling for her. A beautiful red headed angel. She has red hair and bright blue eyes. I met her at Starbucks sitting alone and crying. So I did what I do , make people feel better. I went over there and sat by her. She must have saw me sit down because she looked up at me and asked who I was. I said "Niall". She just said a small "Oh." And looked back down. I then asked her why she was crying and she just said my boyfriend cheated on me in front of me and my best friend who I told everything to was the one that he was cheating on me with. I looked at her with sympathy and asked if I could have her number. She said "sure." I then gave her my number and told her to "call me or text if she ever needs anything. Or just to talk." She said "sure" then looked up and smiled at me.

And I swear my heart just stopped. She was so beautiful and so innocent. Anyways that's all I have for today...


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