Shattered Dreams (NIALL HORAN FANFIC)

Every one thought that Niall had a perfect life until he fell in love with someone. This lead to the end of his life. 3 years have passed by since that day. What happens now when one of his old band mates find his journal and unleash it's secrets to the world. You'll have to read and find out.


13. It's all over

Louis's pov:

It's been 6 years now since Niall died. It's also been 6 years since the band broke apart. We had decided to brake the band after Niall's death. We knew that their was no way we could go on with out him. I was settled down with Elanore now and I had 3 wonderful kinds now. I had two girls and boy. they wore 3years old, 5moths, and 4years old. I loved them all so much. The other lads settled down and got married and had kids.


I went up stairs and took the book out form under my pillow. I took a deep breath  and t opened the book. It was the last entry he had ever made. The entry that he made the day before he died. I started to read it:


Dear Diary

I just wanted to thank you so much for having my back for all theis years. You wore the only one who was their and willing to listen when no one els would. So here it goes I'm going to tell you my true love.  I loved Louis. All those letters I wore wore him. Louis if you find this journal / diray  and your reading this right now. It means that I am gone. I know it doesn't say why I did what I did but trust me you will find out when the time is right.


If you want to read more and find out about why this happened. Then their is a black box under my bed. the key is tapped to the inside of this book all the way at the end. You have the read all 10 letters in order or els it wont make sense.

Any way this is it im going to do it. I'm going to kill my self. This is go....


That's were it ended that must have been the part where I ran in screaming. I took  a deep breath and held the book close to my chest. I said, "Niall, I don't know if you can here this but. I love you so much too." Then I said to my self, " Now it's time to find those letters and find out why you did it."


                                                                  TO BE CONTUNED.....

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