Shattered Dreams (NIALL HORAN FANFIC)

Every one thought that Niall had a perfect life until he fell in love with someone. This lead to the end of his life. 3 years have passed by since that day. What happens now when one of his old band mates find his journal and unleash it's secrets to the world. You'll have to read and find out.


9. I can't get you off my mind

Louis's pov:

Me and the lads had just left for our interview. The  whole ride their though I couldn't help but think about how that Journal entry had ended. Who was the person?  I just had to know who. Sadly though I didn't bring the book with me for fear that I would lose it  and never see it again.  O well I though your just going to have to wait till you get home to open the book and read it .

Zayn's pov:

I was starting to get a little worried about Louis. He was hardly ever around any more. When he was his mind was drifting off to some where els. Not to mention that he has hardly eat in anything. All he does all day is sit in his room doing who knows what. If you ask him what's going on he get's all frecked out I wonder why he's acting like this all of a sudden. I should tell the lads about this.

Louis's pov:

We didn't get home till late at night. I ate my dinner really fast then ran up stairs shut my door and locked it. This way no one can come in on me when I'm reading his diary. I took the book out from it's hiding place and opened it up. Then I began to read it.


Dear Diary

I know that I told you I would tell you who he is. It's just that it's so hard to say his name so I have decided to tell you a little about him in every entry. The first thing I will tell you about him is that he has long brown hair. Their you go now  you know something about him.

Long brown hair well that rules Zayn out. This means that his crush could have been me or Liam. I thought to myself. Then I went back to reading the book.


I wrote him a letter to day. I know that it seems kind of dumb to write letters to him if I'm never going to send them to him. It just helps me get out some stuff that I can't get out here with you. If your wondering now what I'm going to do with them the answer is I don't know yet. What I do know is that I keep them in a locked black box under my bed. The box is locked so no one can read them but me and him to when the time is right. Well that's all I have to say for today. Thanks again for listening to me.


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