The Red Thread of Fate

According to Chinese Legend “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.” What would happen is this thread suddenly started to break though?


1. The Trial


‘ Let’s send them these phones. You know it, everyone around us knows it, so I plead with you. Let us help them. If things keep going as they are, the threads will snap! They’re all going down paths they aren’t meant to walk on. I beg of you. Let us intervene in these humans’ lives… ’ Before he even finished pleading his case, Joshua fell down on his knees in front of the Judge. It’s quite out of the ordinary actually.

The Jury starts murmuring. They're a group of randomly picked angels who represent the divine world. Until now they had had a unanimous vote on this business of letting angels intervene in human lives. However, seeing Joshua actually get down on his knees and plead his case, they could not help but doubt their decision. So, the Jury asked the Judge for a moment. This time there was one angel who dared to be in favor of helping, but many were still unsure. The Jury walked back into the courtroom and told the Judge they weren’t ready to give out a ruling yet.

The Judge stared at Joshua for what seemed like ages. In human time it actually was, a minute spent in heaven after all is equal to a second spent on Earth. All thanks to Father Time. All the angels were holding their breath , they couldn’t stand seeing their idol begging like this. Male and female alike, everyone loved Joshua. He was a K-POP idol on Earth and he was here before his time. Not that he died or anything, his body is still breathing. However, that’s the only thing that’s alive. His soul has already passed on, at least that’s what is thought he’s done,  and ended up in heaven. In his time there he’d never done such a thing before, and all of the others were still in shock on this occurrence. The shock , more than Joshua doing this, was by the fact that an Angel (or still an apprentice) dared to ask such a thing of the Messenger. He’s quick and cunning, and he has the ability to move between the divine and mortal world. He acquired this position when he started encountering apprentice angels also known as AAs who started showing human characteristics and wished to go to the human world and help them. Until now these meetings were held in his private mansion, so he was able to decline them. However, Joshua, being as famous as he is, his wish wasn’t a secret. This meeting, or trial, was held in front of everyone. To the rest this is a shock of course, until now they had never witnessed an angel harboring such desire, to help the humans. AAs were supposed to have their memory completely erased, so they won’t show human characteristics because this means they long for the human world and nothing good will come of it. To the others’ knowledge, Joshua is the first to show such signs. Until now the Messenger had just erased the memories of those who came to him wishing to help the humans. The Messenger knew that if he declined he’d get a very large number of antis (people who choose someone and thoroughly utterly hate him/her and try to make his/her life miserable) which is just awful if they’re the ones you have to spend eternity with. The Messenger also knew that even though he was the bridge between the mortal and divine world, he had no right to grant such a wish. So, the Messenger summoned those who were qualified to speak about these matters. The Fates.
They were powerful and independent, they made sure that every human may live his/her life as he/she is meant to, tied by the eternal laws so that the fate assigned to each may take its course without obstruction.
Clotho, the youngest was shocked to see Joshua there on his knees. She hurried over to him and asked why he was already here. Joshua didn’t know what she meant. AAs don’t know that their human self is still on Earth alive, because their memories are wiped clean when they enter the divine world. She was shocked to see him because she was responsible for spinning the thread of human life, the power she possessed was equal to controlling people’s lives because she decided whether they were to be saved or put to death. Lachesis and Atropos were equally shocked. Lachesis decided how much time was allotted to each human and Atropos was the one who cut the thread thus ending lives. None of them had expected to see Joshua here, not for a while from now. Which meant there’d been a mistake, but they couldn’t let this be known, so the three sisters quickly regained their calm and composure and they turned their shock into anger which they directed at the Messenger. 
‘How dare you summon us?!’ All three shouted at the same time. ‘I’m sorry if I disturbed you, ladies. But, I think that this case should be brought to your attention because you will have the deciding vote.’ The Messenger said as though he was growing tired of this whole ordeal.
The Fates grew worried when they heard him say this, they considered the possibility that their mistake had become known. However, they had bigger fish to fry when they heard what happened. ‘So, what you’re saying is that you want us to allow you to help those humans. Us? The Fates?! Controllers of human life itself?! Why should we help you?’ Atropos, the oldest, inquired. ‘What’s in it for us?’ she said , while she and her sisters settled down and took a seat.
Upon hearing this Joshua took a stand and told them exactly what was in it for them, he'd grown impatient seeing the Fates act all high and mighty even though this problem was in their jurisdiction. ‘You know it, he knows it, and everyone else in this courtroom know it. You’re the Fates for God’s sake! Look at them! They’re taking over your job!’ Joshua practically lectured them. The Fates looked mystified, they couldn't believe that a mere AA actually had the nerve to lecture them like this but also they were confused and unable to see what they could do. 'What do you mean?!' The Fates inquired, leaving their bewilderment aside, and wondering what he was talking about. 'What I mean is that ... Wait a moment. I'll show you.'  Joshua walked over to the Judge and asked him to summon Yue Xia Lao, the old lunar matchmaker God. While this trial went on, the red thread of fate was starting to break.

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