(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


2. Transformation Frenzy


Transformation Frenzy

James’s face looked so red. I could practically see the aggression leaping out of his human shell. The weapon, “that baseball bat” still in his grip. I wanted to make a run for it, maybe he wouldn’t even notice me retreating. He’d probably just stand there, facing the area where I stood. ‘Don’t try anything stupid’ James said. His voice sounded normal once again, I could understand him a little better too. ‘I’m just asking you bro-‘ I said. ‘SHUT UP!’ James screamed, his voice sort of cracked as he said “UP.” I wanted to know why he hates me so much. ‘I thought we were friends James…’ I replied, my voice dropped below average kindness. ‘Are you sighing?’ James asked; holding the baseball bat to my throat. ‘Y-Yes… and I’m sick of your aggression!’ I shouted.

‘What choice do I have?’ James asked. His question wasn’t making too much sense, I wondered whether he was asking something random. ‘Y-You have a choice don’t you…?’ I replied, my sentence became a question. The moment I had to stand up for myself had passed, and James still has the upper hand. He has the weapon against my throat… if he uses it correctly, he could certainly knock me out cold. ‘F-Fine…’ James dropped to the floor on his knees. I watched him look at the ground, his eyes seemed to drool tears. ‘I’m… Sorry okay’ James whispered, his voice finally lost its aggression. Knowing James, his anger could rise any moment. ‘J-James…’ I said.

James looked up at me, his beady eyes sunk into my memory. ‘W-What…’ James said. He didn’t make it sound like a question, it was as if I had taken his emotions away. ‘A-Alright… why are you so aggressive lately, what makes you the big man?’ I asked. Stood in-front of a friend who seems to have become a dangerous human being. I wanted to stay a distance, he might as well get treated for his mental attitude towards me. James moved his head to face the floor, ‘Like you’d know…’ James replied. The tears still slowly dripping from his chin, and that baseball bat no longer in his hands. ‘Why did you oppose such a threat?’ I asked. James nodded at me, he didn’t look sure. ‘Never mind’ I said. The question didn’t need an answer, I just wanted him to stop being so angry with people.

‘It’s Cody Connor, Cody has the upper hand over me…’ James sulked. I’ve never seen him look so down, his eyes slowly slipping back into his eye sockets. ‘C-Cody…?’ I asked, the name sounded familiar. James nodded again, his cap had fallen off from the motion of his nodding. ‘Too bad…’ I replied. I knew Cody meant trouble, and I’m not going back into the lands of hell. ‘T-Too bad…?’ James replied. He had repeated me, as if I knew what I was saying… ‘N-No… It’s not what I meant’ I replied. I felt gutted from being so disrespectful. ‘I owe him… well, my father owes his father…’ James mumbled, his hands covered in tears. ‘I’d call you a traitor, James.’ I replied, the hatred in my voice seemed to show more than usual. He had no respect for me, and I wish he was gone…

‘T-Traitor…? And that’s what we get to be called is it?’ James said. Before I could even reply back to him, he had spoken more of his little speech: ‘F-Family bro… and don’t you forget it, we were there for you. Cody ought to teach you a lesson bro’ James continued. His face looked horrified, as the redness in his face started to show more… I felt cramped, as I’m stuck in a box. ‘S-So what… I’m past those days, we’re like seventeen years old’ I said. ‘So what… and now it’s time to bail out on what you’ll GOOD FOR?!’ James screamed. I had to admit that sentence he said… it really hurt me, like a bullet travelling for a long bloody time. ‘You are in no position to doubt me…’ I replied with my eyes starting to gush out tears. James spat on my floor, ‘And who are you to make me doubt you?’ James replied.

‘You’ve got nerve. No wonder Cody likes you so much’ I replied. James got back up on his feet; holding the wooden bat to around my spine. ‘HE DOESN’T LIKE ME!’ James bellowed. The wooden bat tightening around my back, my spine was sure to break. ‘And the more you squeeze, the less I feel pain’ I replied. James looked ambitious, his voice didn’t blow out any more loudness. He finally took a deep breath, after all those years of bottling things up… I knew it wouldn’t do him any good. ‘You’re so lucky to be alive Connor, after everything you’ve done to us, we’ll claim you dead’ James replied in a soft tone. Seventeen years old, and they still can’t accept I’m grown up. ‘I grew up faster than you James, and I doubt you’d see the deepness in a man’s heart…’ I replied, I had to say something. It had to be something short and sweet, a message to deprive this thug.

James always made threats to me back in high school. Sure… he’d accept that I was a little more powerful than him. Although he always got on the good-side of Cody, a criminal not even worth mentioning. I can’t believe he was a fool, he’d just take what he wants, and serve what he gets. As I said my little message, his brain must had clashed with reality. James unwrapped himself around me, and dropped the bat on the floor again. Before walking to my secure door, he made a serious threat. ‘I-I get it, ha-ha I really do. You’ve changed, and we’ve changed too, it’s not going to be like those old days… when you received a beating in the park, oh no-no-no… It’s going to be something a little more personal. And I hope you know what you’ll doing’ James whispered, his creepy voice made the threat sound more serious. James had finally reached into grab his back-bone.

It’s a-shame really. James wants to become Cody, follow in his footsteps and continue a generation of violence and criminal activities. James made his threat severe, and I realised that he can’t do too much to me, he doesn’t have a second weapon. Just a silly wooden baseball bat, I’d rather just call him a coward. Yet… I realised that I’m not exactly in the right position to call my old friend a coward, instead… I let him walk away, I let him leave my house without a single word for payback. James left with no word too, although the threat he made to me. It felt as if James was still standing behind me… and he kept repeating his threat. My mind was losing its normality. “Why can’t I just think… about what I said to an old friend?” My mind wasn’t going to give up its little games.

After dealing with such a depressing start to an early morning. I had to get ready to see Isabella, a girl worth talking to. She always listened to me, and hated the fact I was still friends with James and Cody. Last year she dumped me in the middle of something romantic, she embarrassed me completely. Although, this year hasn’t been too great either. We have our argument here and there, and she would complain about the fact I can’t drive. Or even the fact I can’t stand up to my old friends. “Grow a back-bone” she’d always say, and she was right. And still is today, even now I haven’t stood up to Cody. He was the one I despised the most… always sending my old friends like: James, and even a new friend I made the other week called Avon. Although he also has been summoned by Cody to do his bidding. Making his life easier and my life… a hell lot harder.

At-least my home was now empty, the nice brand of furniture just sitting undamaged on my floor. The nice sunlight reflecting rainbows onto my CD’s. It really made a peaceful environment, I felt like it was heaven for once. A glory place full of magical moments, and this was the best I could think of. Thanks for leaving, James. You’ve made my life a little easier, although he did make a serious threat. Maybe I should be a little cautious… stay away from him for a while, until it all blows over.

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