(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


1. Thirsty For Heroic Blood


Thirsty For Heroic Blood

Damn… the streets have never looked better. I’d stand at the edge of this reassembled building and just look down at those who’s lost their lives… Not just the lives they held dearly, the ones who’ve also lost their loved ones. This city contains so much, it has the blood of a wolf written all over it. Sometimes I walk across the street with a few friends, our bright red bikes reflecting a lovely red light off into the sunset. It’s just amazing how beautiful the world can be sometimes, and when we cycle slowly up the slopes, we manage to find some way of keeping a distance from crime.

Although crime it’s self usually finds me pretty quickly… Just the other day I was getting my repair kit ready. James had asked me to tidy up his shed for the night, and I ignored his offerings. Instead I just kept what was more important, a little red bike – well it was little… my old one that is. Father built me a metal spray-painted bike, he got it for half price. Makes sense really why he was so happy the day he built it. The metal looked a little rusty at the back, and we soon fixed that with an extra splat of paint. The red paint drying over my rusty old bike, it was like a miracle in my respect. I’d just watch the paint dry, Father would just laugh and say “If only it was a miracle ha-ha.” I’d smile back at him, my eyes would most likely show a sign of tears. And he’d just wipe them with his old bike cloth.

The silver linings around the wooden framed windows. They looked so shiny today, so polished in a way. If Father still lived with me, he’d probably just talk about how a frame reminds him of me. I have no idea why I’d remind him of a stupid window frame. Although this window in my home, it was so different to the other ones I’ve seen. Then again, why would anyone be obsessed with a window, you look out of it and look through it. Nothing really important there, I admire the views they have behind them though. The clear skies mostly… and the scorching hot sun forming a shine of light inside our average homes. The green pottery fragments. I threw them away at the age of thirteen, Father said that we wouldn’t really need them. It’s just a load of plants not worth watering.

And now…? I’m just sitting here. Sitting here with a frown on my face. The sad truth is… I miss my Father, he was a great role model in my opinion. He meant the world to me and still does now… Sometimes I’d look outside the circular windows and just ask myself: “Why did I leave him alone?” And after I’ve said that… I’d go for a walk. Just an average walk with an average world I guess… Although, I have no idea what average really is… I’d call it a phase I guess, something we can resemble people to. – If that’s not it? Then I have no idea why everyone prefers to be classed at the word average. We all have our own ideas on what it means, and Father would most likely just say something out of this world. Come to think of it, I’d probably agree with his theory…

‘Hey, Hey… Connor!’ A voice shouted. The voice was reminded me of the times I’ve spent with my friends in that last months. And then… just for a second, I realised that James was at my door. As I lifted myself from the small armchair, it may have been small. Yet it was pretty comfy to sit on. Even if it did have a squished leather cushion. Heck, it probably sunk down the seat’s height too… I don’t weigh too much! Jesus, what’s wrong with me. I’m now talking about my pathetic weight and how I may as well be named fat. Ha-ha, well if the shoe fits, that makes no sense… God, I better just give up the jokes, who needs them anyway. A bunch of one liners weren’t going to do me any-good.

‘J-James, I’m on my way… Just give us a second’ I said. I imagined James just standing outside my heavily locked door, after Father built some upgrades to the lock system, he certainly called it “Safety first” and I’d laugh with his little gesture he made. ‘Come on Connor!’ James screamed. ‘A-Alright, Alright… don’t get your knickers in a twist bro’ I replied. Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh, and he only screamed from the top of his lungs… damn, if only he’d keep his voice down, some people are trying to sleep most likely… I mean it’s not exactly midnight here, and it’s still sort of morning. So I’d imagine that a lot of people would still be snoring away on their sofas. After finally making it to the heavily secured door, I felt the need to ask James for a password. ‘Password bro?’ I asked with a slight smirk. Thankfully James couldn’t see my cheeky smirk, it had been hidden behind the door. If only he knew ha-ha. That would be funny, no more jokes for me though, like I said…

‘P—Password… Are you serious bro?!’ James shouted again. God… will he ever keep his voice down. My guess is that he most likely will never learn discipline. Whether or not his previous teachers taught him or not, heck… it would be a laugh to finally see him being respectful to citizens. ‘I’m as serious as a blue whale’ I replied with a second smirk showing. Whilst my first smirk seemed too had faded away. When I replied with such a silly sentence, I wondered what James was thinking. ‘C-Come on man, just open up!’ James shouted once again. Alright… whatever it takes to shut him up. ‘Fine, no password needed. I’ll just accept your big mouth’ I replied with a slight giggle embracing myself. ‘Ha-ha, finally bro… I thought I’d have to kick down the door or something’ James joked.

‘Do you think, I was joking?’ James asked. ‘W-Well… If I had to be honest, I’d most likely just say Yeah.’ I replied; my cheekiness seemed to have faded. ‘Ha- what the crap are you on about Connor?’ James said. His voice sounded a little angrier. ‘Never-mind…’ I replied, feeling a little sick. As soon as I mentioned to James that the door was secure, he kind of lost it with me. ‘So… this is the new house huh?’ James held out his left hand facing me with a disgraced face. I couldn’t believe the face he gave me, what the heck is he so angry about? – Until I realised it was more jealousy from him. ‘Secure… that’s what this is, and you’ve got it wrong anyway…’ James said. His devious little mind seemed to really annoy me, I couldn’t stand his jealousy in my own home.

As I watched James walk around my home, I noticed that he hadn’t just came with a friendly everyday attitude. ‘Connor, look at this crap, a single blow of this bat and watch-‘ James replied. His voice sounded different, as if his anger was about to erupt. After watching his jealousy get the better of him, he held back his dark navy blue cap. ‘It’s a-shame I’ve got to do this C-Connor-‘ James laughed with a jealous face. ‘You’ll deranged… if you think that’s acceptable!’ I finally lost it with him. My voice raised louder than ever before, ‘It’s just a little joke, and I thought you’d get it…’ James said. He laughed in my face, his breath smelt like a strong smell of alcohol. ‘Oh I got it… and I’m not playing your games anymore.’ I replied. Pushing away his wooden baseball bat, it looked a little chipped. ‘And if this was to be sharpened… it would do some serious damage’ James joked.

‘What the heck… what the-‘ I said. Unfortunately I was soon interrupted by James’s selfishness. ‘A-A Joke… just a joke, I don’t fool around do I Connor?’ James asked. He sounded unsure whether his question was valid. Staring at his dark blue navy cap around his head. Well it was hard to look right at him, even his clothing was a major turn off for anyone really. Dark grey hooded jacket, and his smooth Nike trainers. It made perfect sense to me… and James still looked me in the face the entire time he arrived at my home. ‘I-I could call the police on you Connor, a fancy house like this’ James replied. His bad attitude really started to get on my nerves. I couldn’t stand him toppling me as if I’m a laughing stock of the entire universe. ‘Is this how you wanted it, A FANCY LITTLE HOME?!’ I shouted, my lungs felt as if they were about to burst open. James finally sighed, as he looked at the damaged ground. ‘Yeah… and you broke that floor, you jerk’ I lowered my voice.

James turned around for a few seconds. After those few seconds were up, he faced me again. The wooden baseball bat still enclosed in his left hand.

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