(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


8. The Uprising Of Change


The Uprising Of Change

Midnight was finished, and all I could think of was Cody’s face being smothered by the ground he stands on. Isabell, she will be better off without me, I can’t put her in danger as well. James would have wanted her to be safe… They were clearly in a relationship, and I ended it, permanently… Before I could sulk for a minute longer, my phone started to play its stupid ringtone.

‘H-Hello Connor, Cody here. I’m sick of having to speak to you through calls. Jesus, when are you going to be a MAN?’ I couldn’t believe that it was Cody… He was asking for it, asking for a fight!

‘LISTEN HERE! Your scum, you are a filthy person Cody. Breaking my family, and now breaking my true love’ I shouted. My voice echoed through the treetops with my smile fading away.

Holding the phone away from my swollen ear, I asked him a question that I would refuse to ask him in person. ‘Why are you so strange Cody? Why are you being the big man… huh?’ My voice died a little as I spoke with hardly any confidence left.

‘Like you’d understand, I haven’t got time for you Connor. Meet me where we used to meet, be there… Or else – And as for James, I can’t believe he bailed out on me so poorly…’ Cody replied. He sounded vile, although his confidence was a lot better than mine.

The jerk hung up… Wow, I guess he really is a vile human being. James didn’t choose to die, I chose for him. And now Cody will sink his teeth on something that matches his style. The force of a rock will clash into his fragile teeth. As I smash him down in the weak spot, who WILL BE VILE NOW? Huh…? – I didn’t sound too happy. I wanted Isabell to cool me down, she usually did…

Since Isabell wouldn’t get out of my head, I did something a little strange… Blocking out the thoughts and her voice through a hood, why does that sound like I a good idea…? I tightened my jackets around my waist, as my second Jacket covered my face – showing a dark oval under a material. She will now be forgotten, I can’t just keep adding her to my mind. She takes division very seriously…

‘C-Connor… C-Connor!’ A voice cried, the voice rang my ear drums immediately.

I turned to face the sound. ‘What is it?’ I asked. My voice sounded serious, and as the sound got closer – I realised that it’s the girl I wanted to forget.

‘W-What are YOU DOING! I told you to stay away from me!’ I bellowed. My voice reflected off a face I couldn’t resist.

The weather had changed, I didn’t expect a change of weather, and it said sunshine all day. And now, we have a twist of bad weather? What gives…? Oh yeah, now I remember. I’m thinking of flaming yesterday’s forecast! Heavy rain started to bolt down on the dull looks on our faces. It certainly redeemed the beauty out of her, although it didn’t last too long…

‘C-Connor… What are you DOING? You’re out here alone and-‘ Isabella tried to speak.

‘SHUT UP! I’m doing what I needed to back then… Before we have any god damn relationship!’ I screamed, my hood started to sink into my gelled hair.

Isabella looked harmless, and I couldn’t have the strength or the courage to tell her “I Love Her” – she looked at me as if I was a twisted man. ‘I know what I’m doing’ I whispered.

Her eyes looked at me from a short distance, as her hands clutched onto the space between us. ‘This distance is what’s stopping us’ Isabella whispered. Her voice sounded very soothing.

‘T-Too bad! I just want to keep you out of DANGER!’ My voice broke. I felt the pain of the hail that had started hammering the grounds. The thudding on our jackets and coats.

‘Do you not care…? I’m here, and I’m not leaving. I let you push me around Connor. No-more, I want you to take this as a thank-you for treating me so greatly’ Isabella whispered, her voice still felt soothing to my cold ears.

She looked at me deeply with her eyes showing her true colours. My broken down wrists felt the pain of the hail. Small ice chunks whacking me as if I deserve such a thing. Isabella’s fluffy coat looked drenched, soaked with ice melting all over her face. Isabella finally broke our space between us, she took the extra steps I was hoping she wouldn’t take. As she approached me, she giggled.

‘He-he, and this IS WHAT YOU GET!’ Isabella screamed. I stare at her blankly, not expecting anything. She raised her hand quicker than I could process through my upset brain.

As the rain and lightning stunned our faces, Isabella slapped me forcefully. A powerful thrust of speed had taken place from her swing. I watched her, stood there as she smashed me painfully. ‘Ah… What the f***!’ I screamed, the rain bolted down on me as I lay there on ground in pain.

‘You could have broken my wrist babes… You could have broken everything!’ I screamed, still in pain from the powerful slap.

‘A-And what… You want me to show sympathy? – You are a pathetic excuse for a boyfriend Connor. I thought you would be different, SO what if I was the cutest girl at our old school… Who the heck cares? – I don’t… And this is what you deserved, I thought you saw me differently… Not a famous rich girl who begs for everything! I am just a normal human being expressing my flipping emotions!’ Isabella roared. Her voice sounded furious, as if lightning would not make her any scarier.

Her words that she screamed from the top of her lungs… Most of it was true, I treated her differently. And what else can I do? I just want her out of my life, until my last friend is defeated, Instead of him dying… I’ll send him to prison, on behalf of what Isabell whispered to me. She was right, and I was wrong. Cody better be in for a treat, because he will be facing the back of cell. Maybe dreaming of his final escape – It’s worth it though, him in trouble is like vengeance for me.

‘I-Isabell… Why don’t you come with me then, - It would show that I care wouldn’t it…?’ I gasped, my voice still broke from the pain rising inside of me.

‘R-Really…? Connor, why do you always try too hard? You try too DAMN hard!’ Isabella screamed. She was still mad at me for some bizarre reason.

Before I could explain myself to her. She had walked away. “I’m sorry Isabell, I wanted you to be safe… And if coming with me didn’t ease the pressure – I’m sorry…” – I whispered to myself, trying to hold in the tears that had been hidden from her – I wanted to look strong I guess… Instead, I’m a big baby, I wanted to make her see a new me. And that didn’t go too greatly either, I’m sorry…

Another phone-call had took place, I answered it immediately, whilst gasping in-between my sentences. ‘H-Hey Connor, Are we still meeting up? I’m sick of waiting, and… Well, - Forget it’ Cody whispered. His voice echoed through my empty head. Until something had sparked in my mind.

‘CODY! You’ve ruined me, completely ruined me… And-‘ I shouted loudly.

‘Ruined is such a strong word, wouldn’t you agree?’ Cody asked, his cheek started to get on my nerves.

‘L-Like I care, I want you facing the back of a wall… Not just any wall my friend, a wall you can’t break out from!’ I mumbled, my voice fell deeper and deeper into the abyss of despair.

‘Ha-ha, come get me bro… And then maybe you can see a little more of me!’ Cody shouted, his mocking voice made me picture him in a very unpleasant posture.

*** Cody ended the call ***

“That son of a…’ I whispered, as I slammed the phone in my left pocket. Still facing the weather’s dullness and the tears of Cody I presumed. (Rain water)

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