(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


12. The Massive Turn Over


The Massive Turn Over

‘Did you accept the call, Connor?’ A voice asked me.

‘Like it matters, it’s all sorted. And I’d be ashamed for you to return to these streets.’ My voice shook from the vibrations of the phone.

He obviously knew me, and I knew him. The sad part was, I needed to be somewhere else. Taking care of Cody is on my mind, taking care of business is second on my list. And that voice spearing through my ear drums, I knew that it was time to face my past. After all, I knew it was Kenny. Kenny Timmins to be precise. His name shook like chains rattling against the ground we all walk on. He is just a twisted little kid, and sadly… His a friend of mine?

‘Covering up the phone, I see. You were never one for conversations, he he.’ Kenny laughed.

‘And you were never one for talking to me like that…’ I replied, sort of like a threat?

The phone clashed against my right hand, I held it tightly with a grip that may had been unbreakable. As I looked down at the surface I had been walking on, I felt revolted, the sights and the dangers just around the corner, it made me re-think my plan to take on Cody. I would have just accepted a simple chat, but he needs to face me. And I want to him to face the fury of taking down someone who has been so good to you for so many years!

‘Never going to end the call, Connor? C-‘ Kenny whispered.

Instead of answering like a good friend, I decided to trash the phone. As I held it directly into sunlight, I threw it across the street, hoping it would break down as it hits the solid hills. Kenny’s voice blurred away from me as I watched the phone fly towards the hills. Finally, I’ve taken care of business. And Cody, well let’s just say he has a lot on his plate at the moment. And maybe it’s for the best, for the best to take on his offer.

As I wiped the sweat away from my neck, I felt the redundancy take away my mind, all this pain and suffering for just one clash at taking down Cody… It was pretty desperate, it had been so stupid of me… Stupid of me, to take on Cody’s offering and to finish what I shouldn’t have started in the first place. Well, it made me think of a paradox, only… It’s not the same, and it’s certainly no-where near the hell hole.

‘Connor… Connor, Connor, Connor! Finally… You’ve taken your final step.’ A voice broke out of pure silence.

The voice didn’t seem too happy to see the sight of me. And I didn’t feel welcomed by the tone that had been spilling out of some stranger’s lips. As I turned to face the sound, my eyes captured the essence of being watched. I wanted to ask what this person wanted. And instead, I was delivered a nasty kick.

‘It’s all fun and games… it’s all fun and games… Kenny!’ I shouted, my voice screamed.

‘Ha-ha, I’ve been here all along bruv, I’ve even faced the music. I’ve faced the music for you! And do you know… Do you have any idea for why I’ve returned so soon?’ Kenny asked.

Instead of speaking, I had the urge to take him out cold. My left first locked tightly near my left hip. My eyes just focussed on the criminal standing in front of me. And the voice echoed through my ear drums like a church bell continuing the chimes over and over… Again.

‘You have a lot of spunk to come walking back into this town.’ I replied, my voice felt strange.

‘It’s always the good days that never last, and… How’s Kira? I’d love to know. After all, she went out with you… She went with you! While I went down with the ship, I went down into a cell. And that cell held me for several years! You have no idea what I’ve faced in there…’ Kenny whispered.

The sweat started to run down my face like a river forming in a ditch. My heart started to feel heartbroken due to the stress enrolling from Kenny’s little plan, his plan that he must have hatched in some kind of incubator at the prison he deserved to be in. Locked up and away from me and my family, that’s all I ever wanted, and that’s all I never will get back…

I stood back facing Kenny’s beaten up face, he certainly had taken a beating back in that prison. I wanted to know why he had to be so hot headed with me, although, I couldn’t bring myself to ask him, the way I see it. He wants a fight, and he wants the fight today! As I stood there watching him, he finally brought out something I hadn’t expected.

‘Say hello to this baby… I got it from an old mate of mine, he said… Well he said you’d enjoy the satisfaction of watching it get smaller.’ Kenny laughed hysterically.

Out from his left pocket, he had pulled out a sliver knife. It had a sharp end, and the sides didn’t look to pleasant. In a way, it looked as if Kenny had used it before. As I tried to think back to when he may have used this weapon, it didn’t ring a bell. It just made me feel more shocked with the new Kenny, I guess prison can really change you…

‘You don’t have to be like this… We could sort it out, fifty fifty…’ I asked with precaution of knowing that Kenny could become violent.

‘First of all, you take me down to a prison. And secondly… You now want to offer me the pain of feeling lost without you? Is that what this is about?!’ Kenny asked with his loud voice roaring through the empty spaces behind us.

‘Not exactly Kenny, I wanted to make sure we could still be friends. After all, I know someone who deserves the stabbing more than me.’ I replied with thought coming to mind.

‘You express yourself strangely Connor, I enjoy a beating. But I enjoy the satisfaction of taking you down for good, even more…’ Kenny coughed. The blade finally being lifted away from his left hip.

My eyes felt sore from seeing the suffering that could happen in this very spot. And the broken down Kenny didn’t seem bothered with hurting his own friend. In-fact, I just wanted to take him out with a clear shot between the eyes. Although, I can’t do that… Can I? He is a friend after all, and he deserves a little chance, he deserves to feel emotions for his prison time finally ending. And he needs to learn what it means to be a true friend…

‘Just hand over the goods Connor. I’ve taken this matter too far already!’ Kenny screamed aggressively.

I turned to face Kenny’s angered face. As I faced him even more, I could see one… No, three! Three figures running towards us. I didn’t like the look of this one bit, and I believed that trouble was soon to start. As if it hadn’t already? Kenny isn’t the trouble type. And he certainly isn’t a top dog gangster, he is just a guy feeling deep emotions for others. Sadly, he has no idea how to express those feelings, he has no idea how to use them for that matter.

‘S-S**t! How can this happen… Connor, Connor! Just hand over the bags, I’ll take them alright. I’m out of this town in a few days, I lied about the introduction day, I lied about everything. And now you have Cody to deal with, I get it. I really do…’ Kenny gasped, his voice sped up as I could barely understand him.

The figures got closer, finally revealing a group… No, a gang! It had been a gang of at least five teenage boys running towards us with their faces covered by masks and hoods. This was the time to face. It had been the time to face the music, and Kenny made a run for it…

‘See you later… See you later!’ Kenny screamed, as he jogged off into the alleyways.

‘HEY, hey you! Come here you little punk…’ A voice bellowed from behind me.

‘W-What?’ I asked, as I turned to face the figures.

The sight of seeing a group of unknown covered faces made me feel intimidated. I wanted to just make peace with the two teens behind me. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I could just about see the other three run on after Kenny. Oh god… I hope his okay, I hope he makes it back to the sunny beaches waiting for him, the beaches in California.

‘H-Hand over the phone, and don’t you dare look at me… Do you freaking understand kid?!’ One of the teens screamed down my left ear.

‘U-under-‘ I tried to speak, only to be interrupted by more boisterous behaviour.

‘Who we got here anyway? Some kind of hobo? What we dealing with?’ Another teen asked questions.

I felt violated by all these hands and masked faces colliding with my clothes. I even felt hands going through my pockets violently, as some of my other pockets were ripped open with some kind of sharp object. I even felt something sharp go through my left hip, and man did it hurt… I felt the pain finally kicking in, I tried to scream for help. And instead, I faced the beating and the torture…

‘He has nothing… Just some stupid mask in his backpack. Oh, and his also holding a phone…’ One of the teens whispered.

‘G-Good… Just take it yeah. I’m not finished here, I’ll take care of this scumbag.’ The other taller teen replied with his mask finally lifting up.

As I looked to the left of me, I could see the rest of the teens run off with a lot of speed. And one standing in front of me still with his mask slowly being taken off. He was pretty tall, and I felt the need to speak to him about this robbery. So I did, as risky as it sounds, I wanted to deal with him head on. And whether that’s my life gone or not, I don’t care…

‘S-So… Looks like you’ve been mugged, mind if I take the coat?’ The tall teen asked.

I nodded slowly, as I looked down at the ground in shame. His aggression made me notice that his not here for Cody’s sake. He is just a teen in a gang, and most likely out to well… Who knows what he is out for? He might just be trying to have a little fun.

‘My name is Joey, and if you even say my name… I’ll make sure you get banged up in those cells. Because, I don’t like to brag, I really don’t. But, I want you out of here, whether you take me up on that offer is up to you. But… Let’s just say, we have consequences here…’ Joey whispered.

‘A-And what if I don’t…?’ I mumbled with my face covered in sweat.

‘If you don’t…?! I’ll be sure that you do!’ Joey howled. As he held me against the wall with power.

‘A-Alright… You play a hard offer, and you still think you’ve the power to do so?’ I replied with my eyes turning to face him directly.

‘Y-Yes… Me and my mates, we don’t stand for crap… And I’d love to talk to you more, erm… Connor, Yes? Well… That’s a name, a name I wish I’d forget. Which I will, and everyone else in this street and this crappy little town will see why we forget those who don’t matter…’ Joey grunted.

He made a clear sentence, and his threat caused me to feel a little nauseous. Whether had would have the last laugh is beyond me from now. I just want him to face the penalty of messing with me. He needs to be taught some serious manners… Some really serious manners, that for the sake of his family and mates, I hope he takes the easy option. I enjoy a challenge…

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