(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


5. Lust Feeds On Fear - The Origins


Lust Feeds On Fear

The taste of blood was only a fraction away from me. I’m sure James was just bluffing with this little dilemma. He is most likely not even taking this seriously. He better! Because if he doesn’t I’ll be sure he does. The bitter taste on the end of my tongue, it was like a sour taste. As if I had gone a little too far with this getting rid of James scheme. ‘I-I can’t exactly just bring you to your knees James. We’ve been friends right? Friends for a while…’ I said. As I fell onto my knees first, feeling guilty for letting this get out of hand. ‘Ha-ha, yeah we were… and I don’t know-‘ James replied. He didn’t sound sure whether we were still friends. Instead of just making amends, I made a decision I started to regret.

‘Oh really… well, say hello to this and say goodbye to the face you’re standing on…’ I whispered. It was just me and James standing behind a Nature Centre, with the clock still ticking. Whether or not I really want him dead, the time was up. As I lifted up my right sleeves, James stared at my right hand. ‘What the heck is that…?’ James asked. He choked a little on the tightness I had on his throat. ‘Does it matter J-James... you may never know, and you may never find out’ I replied. My voice started to fade into a low tone. Very subtle and delicate, as my voice secretly had hidden a darker side to me.

‘You’ll carrying… you’ll carrying, a-around w-weapons…’ James struggled to breathe. His throat was most likely wishing for the taste of Oxygen. I mean there’s plenty of it, and he doesn’t need it where his going. ‘L-L-Let go…’ James gasped. As he tried to break free from my grip, his body seemed to become weaker. And once he had lost his power to beat me up, I unlocked my hand. ‘There… and I hope you’ve learnt something, for once in your damned little life’ I replied. My whisper most likely sounded like a very sinister thing to say to someone. Only James, well his threat seemed very dangerous, so I made one that he would remember for his entire life…

He nodded at me with his pathetic little head. ‘H-H-How could you… do this to me…?’ James gasped. His panting seemed to pick up pace as I moved closer to his almost lifeless body. Every little baby step I took towards him, he would use the rest of remaining strength to push himself away across the muck on the ground. ‘You’ve come so far James, I’ve missed a night with my girl-friend because of you. No wait, I miss it because of me’ I said. I stopped with the threats, and the anger towards James. My own aggression took a turn of its own, it wanted to make me feel guilty. I left Isabella to deal with James… and the truth is, I had a feeling it would have been James all along.

‘F-Fine, how about you just shut that little trap of yours, and stay quiet yeah?’ I muttered. I felt my body temperature rise as I stepped one step closer to removing James from Earth. My slight whisper was low pitched. It felt a little weak too, as if I had taken my final breath. As for James, he’d most likely be taking his last ever breath on this planet. Well he could have… and I didn’t do it! – What kind of person stops making the threats, lowers himself to his a lower level of dominance. I’ve actually dropped my tension on James. I’ve let him go, I’ve let him re-gain his final breaths.

James looked upset, the most upset I had seen him for years. He actually looked afraid of me, I was no longer his little pal he could push around. Nope, I was the bigger man, I had the power to crush him into dust. And because of his little games, his ended his own life on the suicidal changes of what Cody put him through. ‘James, I’m sorry okay. You are still no friend to me though… and if I ever meet you again, you’ll be lucky if you even escape. I’ll most likely clamp the little breath out of you’ I hissed. It made perfect sense to me, and once again I hoped that James had finally learnt a valuable lesson. – A lesson I’m sure he’ll remember. ‘Alright, I’ll just sit here…’ I whispered. As I attempted to sit near my old friend James, now a rival. He tried to move further away from me with his eyes focussed on the ground.

As I had James so scared of me, I heard a strange quiet sound. It sounded very vague, and a little quieter than a human whispering. I moved a little closer to James, and the sound seemed to pick-up volume. James looked at me with a worried face, as if he was now so afraid of me. He just wanted nothing to do with me whatsoever. Which in my opinion was bad, although… I got what I wanted, mostly. I got his final breath stored away, and whenever I take that away from him… He’ll die. He will fall on the ground without any clue on how he lost his life to me. Or who he lost his life to? – The sound finally made more sense, it was more of a voice. “H-Hell” the voice said.

I moved closer to James, since I presumed he had some kind of radio on him or something. And I realised that this little traitor was wired. ‘You little jerk, and now you’ve called the big men huh?’ I said. My voice started to pick-up the anger it left a few inches away from us. James looked at me with his eyes starting to flow a bubbly fluid of tears. His eyes looked very sore, with redness forming around his eyelids. ‘J-Just don’t h-hurt me, yeah?’ James pleaded. His voice barely made it to my ear-drums. It was so light and sad, I actually felt sorry for this pathetic traitor. I picked myself up off the ground of sorrow, a ground that James’s tears spilt over. ‘You’ll still pathetic James… and that wire in your pocket. Or even just attached to your chest, It’s even more pathetic’ I replied. I honestly didn’t care about James whatsoever. I didn’t think of him as anything, a worthless pile of trash seemed to make sense. After-all he was just a traitor to me. No longer whatever he was before…

Using “Lust”, my faithful weapon. I lunged right through James’s hooded jacket with a smile. Not long before hearing James yelp. He felt the pain, it must have roughly gone through some of his skin. As the sharpness from the weapons dug deeper into his jacket. The more he yelped in pain, as I finally heard the sound I was hoping for. The sound of wires sparking, it was true… he had a wire, most likely a radio to speak to Cody. ‘Listen up Cody, if you can still hear me… you little coward, why don’t you show yourself? Oh, and bring the rest of them. Come on, I know your games!’ I mumbled. My voice sounded very serious, and I’m sure James would certainly not beg to differ.

Picturing an angry Cody made me feel a little refreshed. Although James was now positioned with his right leg bending behind his right leg. Even his left arm lost motion. He just kept panting with his voice’s tempo gaining a higher volume. A vague sound of him crying out for his mother also occurred. I lowered myself down to his level, looking at his sore eyes. And his dark brown hair rustled into a dirty looking haircut. All that muck and grease seemed to make him sell worse than usual. ‘Good-bye James, I’m sure you’ll say hi to Cody one day…’ I whispered. James looked at me again with his puppy like eyes. The truth was, I didn’t want to hurt him. I didn’t even want to kill him as much as I wanted Cody out of the way. Yet taking my anger out on James seemed to feel as if I were taking away Cody’s closest family members. Or even just a part of Cody he treasured most.

‘P-P-Please… you can’t do this, humph – You can’t just… leave me here, you can’t!’ James pleaded. His begging made me feel as if Cody was now begging for mercy. And that was something I wouldn’t just let slip away from me. This moment felt perfect, it felt amazing to be in control of Cody’s – I mean James’s life. Surely he will get what he deserves, either way… I’m getting what I wanted. And my weapon “Lust” would never beg to differ with me. Its mind was made up, and so was mine. It needed to feast on the fear of those who deserved it. Criminals or even close rivals… It was the start of a new origin. Feeding on the fear and blood of others, “Lust” had become “Blood-Lust.”


It turns out that my weapon didn’t go as shallow as I predicted. The weapon had actually drawn blood. The blood of a friend, the blood of a rival. The blood of a criminal. It was all too perfect. And “Blood-Lust” was now changed. – No longer being named its old name. The weapon had a new spark, a new meaning for me to move on. If this world needs peace, I shall bring it peace. As James started to lose consciousness, I pushed his motionless body down the steep hill behind him. Unfortunately for him, whether he survives or not… he will have to swim to safety. That hill sadly leads down to a near-by river, a very close river. It was a flow of water very strong, and I wished for him to survive the fall. As I watched James’s jacket form blood around it, and his voice no longer echoing in my mind. It was as if I had wiped him from my memory. He was now a vague memorial to the beginning of a new era. An era I like to call… “Blood-Lust.”

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