(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


3. Getting On In Life: Relaxation


Getting On In Life: Relaxation

The view from my half open windows, it was certainly divine. Everything looked so colourful, and I’d just relax near the area in my home where the heat attracts the most nature. Butterflies and even some new species of insects just bathing in the sun, it’s like a dream come true for many. And for me, it was like my own little nature area – It was always uplifting with happy emotions waiting to burst with glee. Before I could even make myself a nice refreshing drink to go along with this nature zone. My peace was interrupted by a phone-call. I seriously hope it isn’t Cody… or someone I dislike. No- wait, It better not be flaming “James” I’ll lose it with him, I dislike him so much now…

The divine view was in the corner of my left eye, as I reached down into my IPhone case. Slowly searching through some of the sides between the pillowcases, that ringing sound really started to annoy me. It’s what I get for choosing the Big Ben as a ringtone. After finally finding the darn thing, I answered the phone without even looking at who it may be. ‘H-Hello, so you decided to pick-up? It’s like a pick-up line, what did we call them. One liner’s, yeah… I remember, jokes you’d make that suck.’ A voice said, his rudeness was not going to get in the way of my peaceful time. ‘W-Who is this? – Do you think you’ve got the wrong-‘ I said; and was sadly interrupted by the voice of rudeness? ‘S-Shut up, wrong number or not. Meet me at the old nature centre, remember it?’ The voice asked. I didn’t like the sound of meeting a stranger, especially if it’s going to be someone I hate.

‘A-Alright, and who is this anyway?’ I asked. The voice started to crackle a little, although the quality of the volume was perfect. ‘J-Just… get here, and we’ll see who it really is!’ The voice shouted. I could barely hear what the person on the other end had been saying, it didn’t really make sense. By the old nature centre, I presume he or she… means the Nature Park, a place full of beauty. Instead of relaxing next to a window, which is really nice and has some excellent warmth now and then. I decided to relax where the voice had told me to. A place that deserves peace on earth, well it’s what my Mother used to say. She had a point though, and Father would laugh at her theory.

Before leaving with nothing, I decided to take a few things with me. Due to my lessons with Cody and James, I certainly didn’t forget to bring a weapon. Thanks to Cody and James, I had been crafting weapons out of objects I found in a junk yard. And even some old metal parts to a car, It had been a wonder to how I built anything out of these things. The major weapon I’ve been hiding from Cody and James was… well it was a weapon I named “Lust” – I had always used it to take down thieves who had broken into my home, of course… if I had to just take them out, I need to be aware of the police. They always show up when I’m causing the brilliance of heroic actions, although they beg to differ. Some of them see it that I’m a major help to the police, and some think I’m a joke.

Taking my weapon “Lust” is a major risk. Especially if it was Cody on the phone. His always used the weapons I created, only back then… It was simple crafted weapons, one or two may have been unique, although… Cody still uses them now, he had been taken to prison many times too. Due to us being friends, I guess. He seemed to never spill any information about me crafting weapons. “Illegal or even Legal” does it really matter… I made them out of parts I found, I claimed it as my own project. If anything, I deserve cash for making such tools. They could become really handy…


The empty backpack I had stored away in a locked up cupboard, having to break away the hidden plastered wall. I managed to pull out the beauty I love, “Lust” – It truly is a weapon of magnificence. It has certainly saved me and my family before, and it could do that to other citizens too. The dark rusted metal had to be spray-painted with nice coat of paint. Dark grim red, with a twist of dark grey. Even the shading had to be made perfect, I really wanted it to hide in the shadows. Dark red seemed to fade when the moonlight weren’t too bright. Although, I figured, that adding a brighter red in the shape of two ovals. It could really make a person tremble in fear. Realising that the stranger on the phone was most likely Cody or possibly even James. I decided that calling them back and setting our meeting time for midnight instead. Since my “Lust” screams out terror in the night.

Obviously having such a weapon, it really made me feel like a bad-ass. I would even call myself a Hero at times. The lovely colours mixing into making a crafted weapon, it’s amazing. The weapon “Lust” also had the claws shaped like wolves, only sharper and more deadly. The claw wasn’t the final weapon though. Sure, it would allow me to bring some pain to the troubles in this world. Although, the weapon it’s self becomes something more, built in with a red laser allowing me to locate more parts for my heroic weapons. The sharp claws can also transform into two small blades. Kind of like a Samurai’s sword in a way. Thanks to the broken down car parts, It allowed me to add more armour too. Enough armour to make this weapon more heavily padded, it was awesome!

My shining silver IPhone locked in my left hand, I punctured some of the IPhone’s case to make a few slits in the leather. I guess it was to distract me while I find the right number. After several minutes, I managed to find the number listed below all my contacts for some bizarre reason. The name was listed “Unknown” and that’s when I realised that it may be a new phone of James’s. Instead of asking questions, I went through with the unknown’s plan. It would most likely end in tragedy for me back in the day time. Only now, I have the upper hand… and can’t wait to teach this thug a lesson. ‘H-Hello?’ I said. ‘W-What do you want, I thought I told you to meet us at the Nature Centre’ the voice said. It sounded low toned, although it may have been the volume adjusting.

Before speaking back and explaining why I didn’t show. I needed to take several deep breaths, just to keep my confidence level above average. ‘I never shown, b-because I’d like to meet you at midnight instead’ I replied. I heard several other voices mumbling in the background, so I wondered whether it was Cody after-all. ‘A-Alright, fine. We’ll meet you at midnight, just make sure you turn up… this time’ the voice mumbled. It had agreed, and our decision was made final. Before ending the call, I played a little howl sound using a sound program I had on my second IPhone. ‘W-What was that?’ The voice asked. ‘I don’t know probably j-just the w-wind…’ another voice replied in fear. Ha-ha, if only they knew that I was making that sound. They would most likely attack me… - Call Ended –

Midnight was only a few hours away, and I needed to make sure I had everything prepared for when I get back from Isabella’s house. Another phone-call had rung my brain once too many. I answered the phone without proceeding caution to who it may be this time. Thank-fully it had been Isabella. ‘H-Hey Connor, Just calling to make sure you’ll not cancelling anything to make time for me…?’ Isabella asked. Her voice was soothing, and so dependent on whether all not I loved her as much as he may still love me. ‘Do you think I would do that? – What makes you so sure I’d do that…’ I asked. Isabella’s voice went low toned, and I heard her mumbling to herself. ‘Alright… fine, I guess not. Just make sure you don’t screw anything up with Cody, because I’m sick of you being friends with him’ Isabella sighed. Her voice still low toned, although I felt a little hurt from her ending demand.


She ended the call without even saying “I love you” yeah, that’s the girl I’m dealing with. She demands a lot of things sometimes, although she seems grumpy at times. She really isn’t. She has the voice of an angel in a way, and I love her for what she does. And for who she is, not for what she looks like. Even if she does look sexy… I can’t hide that, she’s certainly beautiful. Cody was very jealous when I moved on with her… he was shocked with how I even managed to make friends with her. Apparently she was the hottest female in our class, and that certainly hasn’t shown to me. Although, I didn’t really observe the girls looks around my class. Na, too difficult, and I can’t waste my time admiring those around me. Instead, I went with someone I fell in love with.

Getting ready for our meet-up was the next thing on my mind. And Isabella gets impatient sometimes, even if I’m just a few seconds late. Due to her younger sister, she always reminds her how I’m late. Most likely, because she’s over protective or even a little bratty. Who knows…? All I know is that Isabella was the one for me, and still is. She is perfect on my scale of love. Finally… I had taken a thirty minute shower and enjoyed the warmth remaining from the sunlight. Even the shower water felt refreshing, yep. It’s going to be a great night I think. Apart from meeting up with some thugs. Which I can’t tell Isabella about, Damn it. I wish I could talk some sense into her…

After getting dried from that almost ever-lasting shower. I decided to equip my “Lust” while I’m with Isabella. Just in-case those fiends get a little personal. They decide that I’m not going to show, and plan against me. That is… if it’s even Cody, who knows what his capable of. I mean yeah his a seventeen year old. Although, never question a human being on what they are capable of. Life certainly shows that, and the news showing all the dangers in life, yeah I need to stop watching the news. Anyway, it’s time to take this weapon and visit a love of my dreams. Isabella here I come! 

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