(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


7. Forgive & Forget


Forgive & Forget

Due to that long day-light, I barely moved a muscle. The darkness held above me with the sparkly stars beaming as baby suns. James got what he deserved, my frustration was pushed a little too far. Along with my patience, it had all been sapped by a devious little riot breaker. – And that little guy… He is going down for what his done to me, and for what he has done to my once known Best Friend. Me and Bloodlust are the only two left, at-least that’s what I tell myself. The silent howls from the unseen wolves made me worry a little. After stumbling over several stones and litter bugs. I had found myself a better place to stay hidden and unseen. (Isabella’s house)

Standing right at her door step. It made me feel weaker than usual, and awkward to just push our relationship back into place. Our love was dislocated, it was in another zone for some time, and me returning with a half dead flower is going to make everything go back to normal? – Of course not… And I know that, so why am I sitting here talking to a punk like you! Bloodlust, why can’t you do anything right… I just want to gain my memory to a higher standard, maybe she’ll forgive me. Or maybe not… Although, me and her can fix things. It’s whether I’m wishing to try and save her from the mess she’s already in. My eyes faded away, the bright lights glowing from Isabella’s window… It was too bright, and I’m pretty sure my head-ache will return!

‘W-Who is it?’ Isabella asked. Her cute but silent voice kept me attached to her.

‘Who do you think? – I’ve come here to talk to you!’ I shouted. My voice sounded like a roar from a Lion. I tweaked my little finger into a position to press her doorbell once more.

‘O-Oh it’s you. I don’t care, just back off… I’m sick of having to deal with that Cody, do you know what he said to me…? – Do you have any freaking idea on what HE SAID TO ME!’ Isabella bellowed.

I nodded with confusion on why Isabella would be so upset with me. Although her mentioning Cody was an opportunity, it was my time to shine for once. I could finally take away Cody from our Love triangle. And that’s when it hit me! – Just like that, I realised that Cody is up to his old games. Before talking with Isabella and joining in with her angry conversation. I needed to know why James didn’t tell anyone about my weapon. He clearly knew about it, the look on his face as he slipped away from me. That two time double crosser. I’d rather just have him thrown into a trash can… And instead, I gave him no option. I attacked him with my brutal weapon, maybe he thought I were bluffing back then. And now…? Well his seen it, his seen the weapon… And that weapon strikes fear into his heart.

‘W-What did he say Isabella? What DID HE SAY?’ I shouted. My lungs felt under pressure, as if an anvil was crushing them into a grinding fan.

Isabella’s eyes widened. Her hair dropped onto my left hand, as I squeezed her lines of hair gently. Reassuring her that whatever Cody had said. That will be his final threat for the year.

‘He said… H-He said that he will take me out, I asked him what it meant. Although his angry look put me off. And his cute charms kept me embraced in his sexy body’ Isabella replied.

‘O-Oh really… S-Sexy? Is that what you think he is?!’ I screamed.

‘O-Of c-course not… I just wanted you to know what he said to me… I wanted you to trust me!’ Isabella whispered with a sigh.

‘D-Do you think you’ll the only one with problems here…? IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK! Because I’ve met girls like you before Isabella. Your cute looks breaking me down, don’t you think that me and BLOODLUST would figure out your little games!’ My temper raised to an all-time high.

Isabella’s facial expression changed from upset to an aggressive look. Her hands started shaking faintly, and her eyes shortened to a normal height. The clothes she had ironed looked all scruffy, and her nose twitched a little. I offered my hand to her violent looking face, as she looked at me whilst taking deep breaths.

‘BLOODLUST! Why do I know that name…? Why on earth do I know that god damn name’ Isabella twitched, as her voice raised the roof.

‘I-I don’t-‘ I muttered.

‘Y-You don’t know anything… And I do, Bloodlust, a mighty weapon forged by your foiled hands. What did you need from me then…? Change, was it a little secret to keep away from James?!’ Isabella lowered her voice, as she walked around the room nervously.

Isabella clearly knew something about my weapon, she knew all long? – James, that pathetic fool. What he done now, got me into a deeper mess? As if Cody isn’t enough to handle, I see how it is. James wants to stay around even thought his dead. He wants to make my life Hell, and I’m letting him get away with this? – Yes… I don’t care anymore, I’ve lost to a ghost…

‘Show me your wrist, Show me your wrist Connor!’ Isabella cried.

Holding out my wrist made me feel nervous, the break of wind left in the night sky kept my spine tingling as an upset face approached me with curiosity. Isabella ripped my sleeve off, as her sharp nails clanged onto my skinny arms. Her sharp looking teeth had gotten too close for comfort.

‘S-Stop squirming, I want to know the truth Connor. And if you can’t be MAN enough to tell! – Then how about I find out for myself. Is this more of a DRAMA FOR YOU?! – I bet you find this hilarious!’ Isabella’s voice raised my ears, I could hardly hear myself think.

‘Y-You know what! SO WHAT IF I’M NOT MAN ENOUGH! – I’ve done my best for you Isabella. I’ve made you who you are. A lovely girl who wonders what her boyfriend’s BEEN UP TO! – And the next thing you do to make me feel worse about myself is…’

‘You killed James… Y-You killed him, I remember. It’s funny how he hasn’t been answering too’ Isabella mumbled. Her words caused me to become a little violent towards her.

Isabella stood in-front of me with her hair wrapped around her distraught face, her tears swelled into her sweaty hands. The anger inside me had to take a turn or else… Instead, violently pulling on Isabella’s hair, I ripped off a chunk. As I held her against the heavy wooden door. The moon stood above us, as if it had been watching our little drama the whole time.

‘L-Let go of me Connor… GET THE HECK OFF ME!’ She screamed.

‘Why Should I? – Why don’t you let go of me? – Let go of our little special moments. Our moments together, Drop them and watch them crumble beneath you. As I topple over Cody’s habit of ruining my LIFE! I’m sick of him making a fool out of me. And I’m sick of you getting in my WAY!’ I shouted.

Before leaving to find Cody. I felt that Isabella had already destroyed what we had left. She crushed it into tiny pieces, mocking me with her silent but deadly giggles, and those howls in the night. They must mean that the wolves are hungry, it must mean that the time to feast is now! I held Isabella’s wrist with a demonic twist in my face. She looked at me as she flinched from my face.

‘Sorry Isabell, that’s what you like to be called right…? Isabell. It’s what your mother called you at-least. Cody is my problem, and I doubt you are being a concerning person. You are twisted babe, You are one hundred percent twisted! I’ve seen you talking to James before, chatting with him as if he was your babe. - Get out of my WAY!’ I muttered. My voice deepened as I pushed her with force.

Her fall didn’t last long, I barely got to giggle. Although, I didn’t feel like smiling… I felt sympathy for her, I swayed back from her landing, and looked at her in disgust.

‘I’m sorry Isabell, and I hope you find someone else… Someone else, who will look after you’ I whispered. As I planted a kiss on her lips with my eyes crisscrossing with worry.

‘Good-bye’ I whispered. As I walked away from her feeling alone and lost.

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