(Blood-Lust) 'They call me Blood-Lust'

A Teenage boy named "Connor" finally starts living in his own little memorized world called the good life. His plan for a new house finally paid off, as his friend James becomes more than a friend to Connor. The rival connection between them seems to spark, and once it's lit... well - Who knows what may happen to Connor. If he chooses the right Wolf Pack to be around with, he'd be sure to become a Super Legend.

- Written By Luke J.R -

- Inspiration From, Kyle -
- Cover created by Kyle - (Built-in: HeroMachine 3)

Thanks for all the support lately, and as promised... Here is the Movella (:


11. A Bubble between Reality


A Bubble between Reality

As I stood there… Froze in some kind of bubble. Her eyes started to shine some light on me. I actually believed that she had that sort of power, and why not? It’s possible right…?

‘G-Get out of my way, I’ve got business to-‘ I paused. My frantic attitude may have lost me a few points.

She looked at me, and I looked at her. Her eyes swallowed the fear hidden inside of me. I felt the need to scratch all over my skin, as if something itchy had occurred around me. Before going towards her, facing her was the first step. And beating her was an option, and I really… Don’t like options, even if this is just some girl I don’t know. “Oh wait, I do know her… I know her a lot.”

‘You’re a difficult one to handle, I’ve learnt that over the years. And Connor, I wouldn’t take another step if I were you. Because your life is about to become something more… Something ridiculous’ she winked.

Kacey looked so hot though, I just wanted to give her a hug and say “Good-bye life.” Sadly, I never brought myself to a level of awkwardness… And whether or not it was worth it, Ah… Who the heck cares, I don’t. She’s beautiful, and I’d do anything just to keep her by my side. Although, as her attitude progressed over the years, I was surprised on why I’d like someone with so much dominance. “Ah, who the heck cares? – She is hot, and I’m hot… W-Wait what? – Never mind…”

‘I’m d-difficult? Ah… Ha, I should have seen that one coming… You were a little sly girl back then’ I muttered.

‘O-Okay, O-Okay… I understand why you’d think that. But I tried so damn hard back then, and this little kitty didn’t get anything in return back then. Apart from some flowers… Flowers that weren’t useful to any of US!’ She screamed.

At first, I thought her subtle approach was some kind of peace offering. If only I had known… She’s more of a cow than before. Okay, maybe she’s not that BAD… But I love her for what she is. And I’d do anything for her… BACK THEN, but now…? I doubt I stand a chance, and more importantly. I doubt over one hundred that she’s no play date. She is a girl with a twisted mind. “We could work things out, right?” – My mind had been left confused, as a simple puzzle would put me out of gear…

Kacey’s lips clashed together violently. Her mood didn’t seem too reasonable, I couldn’t even get another word in. My hands felt still, as if a black widow or poisonous arachnid had bitten me. Sort of like paralysation. Her hips didn’t seem to be damaged from her encounter with a narrow barrier. If I had gone in through such a tight squeeze. I think I’d be a little out of air… Nope, I’d probably be stuck. Although, now that I think about it. Na, I’d be stuck with the firefighters helping me…

‘Anyway… What about this b-business you’ve been on about…? I’ve heard you say it like, TWICE’ she whispered. Her circling path around me kept me paralyzed.

‘B-Business, did I say that? I meant… You know what? Why should I explain this to you?!’ I bellowed.

My tongue had been twisted a little too much. It hadn’t been enough to keep me from telling her the truth.

She closed her eyes once as she circled around me. It looked kind of weird, her circling me. As I stood there helpless, I couldn’t exactly just walk away. Knowing Kacey, she would most likely chase me across the seas. “If only I had a boat for every time I had said that.” I moved a muscle or two, slowly making my way towards the end of the street. She looked confused as I pushed her aside to the grassy platforms.

‘I-In a hurry huh? I get it… You’ll walking away from your troubles… Reminds me of a worst nightmare, what does it remind you of?!’ Kacey screamed.

Her voice had echoed through the archways near us. She looked so heartbroken… I felt a little sorry for making a retreat.

‘Nothing like it, and I don’t plan on leaving empty handed babe, I’ll see you around!’ I screeched.

The feeling I felt as I walked away from her. It had been a little too obnoxious, I never planned on making her smile. Although, I did feel a little better, mainly better for telling the truth… Sort of, I guess to be a man of her dreams, I’d have to be a little TOO truthful with her. And she wouldn’t respect me for that, she’d hate me if I told her why I’m leaving her. And she’d hate me… Even if she finds out about what’s going down… “She will never know, and what she does know… Who cares?”

The walkway across the empty streets, it had been breath-taking. Quite literally… I’ve lost so much breath from walking a few miles… However, those hills are very steep… Very, Very steep and I don’t plan on walking much longer. Either way, me and Cody are going to settle it where he wants. Or things may have to change, and if they do… I’ll be ready, I’ll be ready for anything that scumbag throws at me. I just hope… He doesn’t rush himself into another problem, because his worst nightmare might come to get him after all…

‘On second thought… KACEY! KACEY!’ I screamed. I had realised that she wasn’t straight up with me. Well not exactly, she was just a little stranger than usual… Which is bad? – Why do I care so much?!

‘Connor! I can hear you from me… God, GET OVER HERE!’ Kacey bellowed.

I turned quickly, as if my reflexes had been improving over time. In the foggy distance between us, I could just about see her figure. She looked a little different though, more like a shadow. Oh well, I just hope she doesn’t be too caring for me. I’d rather have her as a friend than a… You know what? I am not going to scoot to her level, it would be so DISGUSTING… “She’s so hot though…”

As I stood there facing her distanced figure, the fog got a little worse and I could barely see her. (Just like our past memories, when we used to be together more often… She used to fade all the time.) Her eyes looked greyish, along with her hair turning a silver colour. Wow, she seems to look so OLD here… - Well at least from here. (Sort of like my grandma, let’s not speak of that again!) I lowered myself onto the ground, as I could just about see Kacey. She looked ever so pretty even when she’s silver haired – and her greyish eyes were the feeding I had craved for…

‘Connor, I’ve gotten a phone call. It’s a little late to answer though, don’t you agree?’ She whispered.

‘L-Late… I guess so, I don’t really plan on making a good impression to some stranger…’ I replied, my voice sank into her soothing ambience that lurked behind her.

Kacey no longer looked so silver, she looked as if she had been transformed… Although, it’s most likely just because of the storms we’ve had recently. (Come to think of it, we haven’t had many storms lately…) I grasped the phone off Kacey, as she held it out towards me. As I reached out, I felt her hand move onto my skin. She felt so smooth, and her eyes followed my movement. (Sort of like a praying mantis’s catching prey technique.)

‘R-Relax… Connor, did you feel anything unusual?-‘ she mumbled.

‘Like what? There’s nothing unusual here…’ I whispered back, my voice felt a little broken.

‘Forget it… Let’s just go back to mine’ Kacey’s words hit me rock hard in the centre of my heart.

‘N-NO! I’m not going back with you… Sorry, look – I’d like to make a difference to us okay?’ I screamed. My scream sounded deadly, as if I had been attacked by a murderer.

‘O-Okay, fine… We’ll just sit out here, I hope you find the person you’re looking for Connor, bye…’ she spoke softly.

And that was that… Our relationship finally hit a curve. (That’s funny… I don’t remember our relationship ever existing… I mean, I remember one girl who stole my heart. And she must be renewed…) – After breaking out of her arms, I left her with no choice…

‘Yeah… See you around, I just don’t plan on being around that’s all…’ I replied.

As I turned to face where she had been crouching, there was nothing there… She had clearly left me, and I am now once again alone. Alone for life, perhaps? – Na, I’m sure she will see a better solution, she always used to find something to topple over me with. Maybe it’s time that’s no longer on my side, after-all… Once I’ve taken care of Cody, I’m beginning to think that this wasn’t worth it. Moving away from my home town… Yeah, it sounds like a plan, although, I’m going to need cash… A lot of CASH… (!)

Well it looks like I’ve got some work to do. Another Phonecall! –

‘H-Hello there Connor, It’s been a while since our last chit chat.’ Connor chuckled

‘S-So what, I wouldn’t be calling you any day soon, just another day to come, Haha.’ I laughed

I swung my left hand trying to keep the muscles strength building up. I even moved a little to get my blood rush on the go. The rage inside of me seemed to have died down. I’m going to have to just end this phone call.

‘Honestly Connor, why couldn’t we just have been friends…? You have no idea who you’re up against.’ Cody laughed loudly.

‘I understand what I’m up against, it’s the people who I don’t understand that I’m worried about.’ I replied, (my reply surely made him think again.)

‘Your attitude Cody, when are you going to drop it? – When can I finally relax in peace…? And before I cut this call short. How about you start acting less like your father.’ I whispered.

‘The peace will be restored, and that’s all I’m worried about…’ Cody replied as the phone cut off.

Damn it! Out of god damn credit… And I need him to phone me now? Well, let me think about this. Yes, it could work. I’ve spoken to him before, mainly because of his lack of skill and his overload of top-up. And that’s the only reason he can call me for so long…?

When I thought that that was the end of our short phone calls. I found out that something had to approach me with an unsteady voice… The phone ringed once again…

‘Who is it?’ I asked as my left hand raised over the phone’s interface.

‘Y-You left me… Connor, can we talk?’ A quiet voice replied, sounded very subtle.

‘S-Sure… So who is this?’ I asked, I had to be reassured to feel better…?

‘Once you knew that, wouldn’t you just find her? She wouldn’t be so much stupider than me…’ she mumbled.

With this major distraction infecting my mind and my thinking space. I ended the call with a smile. “You have one missed call.” A message had been sent to me…? Knowing that this stranger knew my name, it only made me think more about the people I’ve seen and spoke too. Do you think it’s…? No, it can’t be. I’d be damned if it is, and I’d never forgive myself if I had to take on the responsibility of knowing someone straight out of the blue…

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