I'm no ordinary girl (One Direction fanfiction)

A girl named Faith is Niall Horan, the cute irish blonde boy from One Directions's cousin. She is going to visit him and his band mates. She grew to love them as she was only there for a day so far,and decided to tell the biggest secret that she has,that she is a mermaid. She is scared what there reactions will be. What will happen? Read to find out.


1. Plane Ride

I was on the plane heading to my cousin Niall Horan's house to live with him. Yes. Niall Horan as in  One Direction. Amazing,eh? Of course it is! My name is Faith. I just turned 19 and I hold a big secret,I'm a Mermaid. My tail is turquoise with a slight touch of pink and gold. Beautiful,right? And my top is Turquoise. I am one of the most powerful kind of mermaid. A mermaid with a regular top (like a bikini top except scaly) and have alot of powers which are:







and Freeze. The mermaids that are topless control heat. Mermaids with white-silverish tails control the wind, Mermaids with blue tails control water. Mermaids that have shell tops or a starfish or seaweed top control storms,white tails control blizzards,orange/red tails control fire. Icey-blue tails freezes objects. If you are the most powerful ones,you have any kind of tail color.Niall doesn't know,but I'll tell him. And if I trust those boys enough,I will tell them. On my iPod touch,What the Water gave Me by Florence + The Machine began playing,which basicially talks about the nature of the water. And was dedicated to those who've drowned. But I prefer to think it's about mermaids. After 5 minutes,which felt like 30 seconds,the song ended,and it now played Mermaid by Train. I love this song so much! About 10 minutes of listening to the song on replay,the plane landed. Now time to see my cousin and his lads!

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