I'm no ordinary girl (One Direction fanfiction)

A girl named Faith is Niall Horan, the cute irish blonde boy from One Directions's cousin. She is going to visit him and his band mates. She grew to love them as she was only there for a day so far,and decided to tell the biggest secret that she has,that she is a mermaid. She is scared what there reactions will be. What will happen? Read to find out.


3. Outburst

We got to Niall's house. I stepped out and stared at the house in awe. "Oh,my!" I couldn't even finish. "I'm li-li-living here?" I asked. Niall laughed and nodded. I jumped up and down while clapping. I ran into the house and stopped. It was even prettier inside. "I'll show you to your room. In the living room,there is a door,and that leads to your room!" Niall said while showing me the living room. I went to the room and almost died when I opened it. The walls was blue and the bed's design was shells. he knew how much I love the ocean,which made me happy. There was also an iHome,which I preferred the term "dock",and some more stuff. I dropped my luggage and hugged Niall. "THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!" I said excitedly. He laughed and pointed to another door in the living room. "That's the bathroom!" he said. "THANKS,I GOTTA USE IT!" I stormed into the restroom and shut the door. I took care of my business while admiring the bathroom. I noticed a vase filled with sea shells. I nearly screamed. I was excited! I grabbed it and headed out the door and went to Niall. "CAN I HAVE THIS!!!???" I asked excitedly. He nodded and I jumped up and down. You could say I was psycho. But in reality, I had a secret that no one knew except Aunt Maura and my mermaid cousins and my brother and dad. I ran into my room and began decorating when I forgot 2 little things. That's when I remembered. I wanted to change my clothers and play music. I grabbed a colorful crop top with a pair of high shorts (I think that's what they're called) and changed. I grabbed a white pair of flats and put it on. I played "What The Water Gave Me" on replay. Niall and I loved Florence + The Machine. As it started,he opened the door and said "LEAVE IT THAT'S MY FAVORITE SONG!" as he pointed to the door when he said "leave it" and pointed to the dock at "that's my favorite song". I laughed and said "It's my favorite to,know shh!" I said. I started it from the beginning again since we were talking through the first 30 seconds. He grabbed and chair and set it outside my door and watched me decorate while listening to the song. For some odd reason,the rest of the lads did the same thing. I didn't mind though. I decorated the room while dancing along and singing to it too. "So lay me down,let the only sound,be the overflow. Pockets full of stones. Lay me down,let the only sound,be the overflow! Oh,poor atlas,was a beast of a burden. Been holding up a long time!" Me and Niall sung along to it. I couldn't help but sing it naturally then silly,like Niall was doing. I took singing serious unless it came to a baby,I sung serious and playful.I forgot the boys were there and I continued my singing. I always sung. Singing was my thing. As the song ended,Niall paused it and stared at me in Awe,as did the boys. "YOU SHOULD BE FAMOUS!" they all shouted. I shied away and said "Forget that happened,Niall change the song to Mermaid by Train!" I said. Niall knew how much I loved Train,because I tweet about Train alot. I didn't sing though until it got to the chorus,the chorus spoke to me. Reminded me of me and my mermaid friends. "Beauty in the water,Angel on the Beach. Ocean's daughter,I thought love was out of reach. 'Till I caught her,how I knew it would come true. What I wished in '92,for a Mermaid just like you!" I sung loudly,not caring anymore. Somehow, I finished decorating my room sea-like under 5 minutes. I jumped down from the ladder,which was 5 feet long. My room was pretty tall. "DAYUM!" Harry and Louis screamed. I laughed. "That was nothing,I could jump off the HOUSE and not get hurt!" I said. That was true. And also I was flexible. I decided to read a book, while the boys went off outside swimming in the ocean. Wait,this was a BEACH HOUSE?!?! How come I didn't NOTICE that?!?!?! I wish I can tell them now,but I wanted to tell them tonight,before the Siren V.S Mermaid war. Yes,we had fights underwater by using out powers. I decided to just get on twitter instead of reading while listening to music. I decided to listen to "Take on Me" by A-ha. Then I saw a shadow. I looked up and saw Harry coming over and he sat by me. He motioned me to take off my earphones. I paused the song and took off my earphones. I smiled warmly at him. "Yes?" I asked. "Why DO you believe in mermaids?" he asked. "Oh..uhh.. erm... I can't tell you,it's none of your business why I do." I said. "If they were real,then it would be confirmed. It's not,scientists haven't found one yet!" He said,acting like a Mr.Know it All. "Mermaids are smart. They hide from the scientists who search for them!" I raised my voice a little so my little voice would sound stronger and firm. "Get this through your mind,Faith,and no,I'm not trying to be mean,but Mermaids are NOT real! Mermaids are not real. Mermaids are not real!" He repeated over and over again. I grew mad. I stared straight ahead of me. I clenched my fists as my face got red. Then I suddenly through my iPod on the couch and stood up and screamed "SHUT THE HELL UP!" as the tears poured out of my eyes. "They ARE real!" I said through gritted teeth. I ran to my room and got my CD and played "Lean on Me". I laid in the bed and cried.

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